Thursday, June 11, 2009

This is what happens every time my children paint. I don't mind though. It washes off easily and we wouldn't have such an awesome shot of him if we didn't allow it.
We have been pretty lazy lately. Well as lazy as parents of 5 children can be :) Ron and I are starting a photography business taking pictures of children/people with special needs. We are pretty excited about it.
A question asked of us about this time of year is "Do you take a break for the summer?" This question doesn't make much sense to me. Do we stop learning during the summer? Of course not! Learning happens when learning happens. You don't have to be in public school and you don't need certain hours where you sit down and learn. Learning happens through life. What a boring summer it would be if learning didn't happen! No children!!! Put down that worm. Get out of that forest! NO you cannot measure that ingredient! Nope no math for you guys today! No reading, laughing or playing! Get my point?