Friday, January 18, 2013

Well that top picture needs to be changed!
So we have a worker coming on Tuesday to start our adoption process.  This has been a long time coming.  We have to be moved into our bigger house of course but once that happens we want to be ready.  Of course, I have a lot of insecurities.  Not about adopting a child and it working out.  I actually have no worried about that.  Our family is not perfect.  We can be messy and our children hit each other from time to time.  I get frustrated and yell and so does Ron. I look at our children and I see that they are happy.  We really do have a wonderful life and I know that the child that we adopt will be lucky and loved.  He won't be perfect and we won't expect him to be.  We aren't either.  I worry more that the adoption place won't like us or won't understand our parenting views.  We co sleep.  We don't vaccinate. We homeschool.  We sometimes yell.  We don't have a tonne of money.  What will they think of us?  Hopefully they will look at our children and know how loved another child will be.  I hope they see their little faces and think that they are as lucky/cared for/loved as we know they are.  What if they don't like one of our answers?  What if they don't like that I have spanked before when upset and regretted it because I knew it was wrong?  What if I say "I'll throw you out the window" or the kids say it and they take it seriously?  What if...   I have to remember that if this is what is meant to happen, it will.  God will set this path in motion.
We went to see the other house today.  Guess what!  I went on a real estate site where they show houses for sale and it is taken down!  There is no For Sale sign on the front lawn.  This means that they are satisfied with our offer and are willing to wait.  I am not sure how long but this is good!  We took a family drive and sat and had homemade soup, coffee and cookies at a cute little bakery/cafe in the town where the house is. It was wonderful. Then we took a drive down to the harbor and got to see the fishing boats.  We really feel that this place is meant for us.  We just don't know when this will happen.  God will set this path in motion.  He already has.
Well I am headed off to bed because we have to be up early for hockey.  Oh yes, the lovely 1hr away, with hockey equipment on and ready to go hockey!  lol  The kids love it and it is great to watch them out there.
Goodnight all!