Monday, June 3, 2013


I have been doing a lot of thinking lately.  Nothing new.  I am a thinker.  A worrier.  A mom.

The weather is beautiful and this brings about Learning.  We got through the dreary winter of thinking my children are watching too much TV and how much damage I am inflicting upon my children.  Are they getting enough Vitamin D?  Enough fresh air?  Too much TV/technology, blah blah blah.  Then I see days like today with the leaves in full bloom and the mayflies everywhere.  The sun is shining and YES the kids are getting Vitamin D!  Imagine that.
I have been thinking a lot about schooling lately.  Unschooling vs. homeschooling vs. doing the basics. vs ..
You get the idea.  I strayed from unschooling for a while with my worry.  Are they missing some vital information?  Are we not structured enough?  I am stepping back again and reevaluating our way.  Isn't that what parenting is about?  Being willing to take a step back and decide if what we are doing is working?  The "too much" is not working.  They are dragging their feet and not enjoying the process.
We will do math when we can.  When we have time in our busy summer days.  We will do copywork when we can.  When we have time in our lazy spring days.  We will get to it and they will thrive.
Today the kids were in their PJ's until about 10:30am GASP.  I am quite positive that they will get dressed to go to work as an adult.  No worries there.  Unless they start their own businesses and work from home.  They cleaned up their sections of the house and off they went crafting, playing video games, drawing and learning about mayflies, creating our street out of cardboard and rolled papers for houses, playing outside, running, eating, living.
Cohen is quite interested in the poles of the Earth and how magnets play into all of that.  LKoiaheojkhe THAT is what I hear when he brings this topic up.  I need to find a good book that will explain thing further and then throw that book on Ron's lap and say Takeraway!  Reagan is coming into herself.  She is still my spunky, feisty little girl but has much more control.  I am proud of her and who she is becoming.  Callum is still our teddy bear who loves soccer and hockey.  Hadley has just turned 2 and is talking now.  Ricky and Amelie are turning into young ladies who I am very proud to be a mom to.  I really am.
I really am a very blessed mom.  Most days I feel so incredibly happy and lucky and then I have days like one day last wk when I put them to bed at 6:30pm because I couldn't take one.more.minute of being on.
So pictures will come soon and more of our explorations will follow.  Unless we are too busy with life ... wherever and whenever we feel like it.  Isn't that what unschooling is?