Monday, July 21, 2014

It is all a skewed perspective!

Please read the whole post.

Oh such a wonderful day we had today!  Ron and I woke up when the kids came and got us up.  We stretched, opened the windows and started our day.
It was a nice, relaxing Sunday morning.  Ron played some video games with the boys and I took a bath and read a book.
Then Ron finished tearing out the boys closet for a project we are working on.  The kids and I finished putting the books on our bookshelves since I painted them. Teamwork!
I decided to take some nice pictures of our children with their pets.  That was fun.

We wanted to spend some family time having fun so we decided to go on a family hike at a conservation area that we have been dying to try out.  It was open!  Took a family picture before our hike.  Oh I love my family.  We then came home, played some soccer (while I picked some of our home grown veggies out of our garden and then we came in and tucked them into bed.  Laid next to Hadley for a bit and she snuggled and fell asleep on my arm.  What a beautiful ending to our beautiful day. <3 nbsp="" p="">

And this is how our day REALLY went!

Oh not the best day!

We stayed out really late last night.  This meant that our whole family slept in until 10:30am!  All of our children were up and here we are still in bed.  Sigh.  Hadley came and got us up so we got up and lazed around for a couple of hours.  It was supposed to be a productive day but ... it wasn't.  Ron decided to finish the boys closet while I tried to get the kids to bring down books for our bookshelves without fighting.  What should have taken 15 minutes, took over an hour.  Oh the fighting and whining!  I had to separate them and designate jobs because they just couldn't get along.  While they did this I cleaned up the house. I tried to get pictures of my girls with their cats but Chloe would have none of it.  She does not like to be held.  So I finally got a shot that looked somewhat ok.  I wanted to turn the day around so I suggested to Ron that we go for a walk in the forest.  Ron didn't really want to do it because he wanted to get stuff done around the house but I envisioned us walking happily through the woods and connecting as a family.  So we finally got out of the house 2 hrs late (dinnertime) and pulled up at the forest.  Let's take a picture!!! I say.  It took at least 10 pictures of Ron setting up the camera and running to get in the shot.  This involved me trying to convince Callum to get in the daddy-long-leg infested tree and smacking mosquitoes.  It took me trying to get the kids to stop being silly for one minute so we could get a nice picture.
It was finally time for our hike!  We got in about 5 feet and were swarmed by mosquitoes and ran directly out.  That was our hike.  We then said we would go to the park/beach and stopped at Little Caesar's for hot-n-readys because we got out of the house so late and didn't have time for our veggies that I picked from our garden.  We then decided that we wanted to go home instead (Ron and I) so brought up swimming lessons the next day to help them be ok with going home instead.
We came home, played soccer and I collected Japanese Beetles that are infesting our greens outside.  Grrr!  Then we came and tucked them into bed.  Hadley took 1.5 hrs to get to sleep and I was annoyed because I just wanted a break.  She fell asleep on my arm (which was a nice feeling) and I came down and hung out with Ron.

So why did I post this?

What we see on Facebook is not real!  Let me repeat this.  WHAT WE SEE ON FACEBOOK IS NOT REAL!
Before mom took a picture of the gourmet meal she cooked, she was frustrated with her children for breaking the whole jar of spaghetti sauce onto the floor and cleaned up blood from glass being stuck in a foot.  She burned the spinach and yelled at her husband.
Before dad took that beautiful picture of his baby, he changed an explosive diaper and wiped kid snot off of his cheek.
Life is not perfect.  We have bad days.  We all sit down at the end of the day and think WHAT HAPPENED from time to time.
We have a habit of posting only the best.  Of course we do.  We have a lot of moments in the day that we don't share.  These bad moments are a part of our family.  Through these moments we learn to comfort each other, learn how to resolve conflict in a positive way and how to forgive.
So take from the internet with a grain of salt.
I love my life, kid snot and all! <3 p="">