Monday, December 31, 2012

Oh my goodness!  I have so many pictures to share.  I will write now and the next time I post I will post some pictures.
So what has been happening in our lives?
We are still selling our house.  Because of the holidays it has kind of been put on hold.  We haven't had any calls and quite frankly we wouldn't have been ready!  Our Christmas decorations have been put away and we are just finishing up with tidying.  Hopefully we will get some calls now that the holidays are over.
Not much happening with the kids.  We have taken a break for the past couple of weeks.  Cohen is done his BOB books and on to Dr. Seuss now.  Proud little man.   We are reading The Bobbsey Twins books and enjoying that.  We are also reading Rudyard Kipling.  We found a quaint little rare book store and have started a collection of old, classic books.  I have definitely found a new passion!
The kids are all in hockey.  It is a program that kids can go and skate for free and are given all of the equipment as a loan.  We have to drive 45 min to get there for 8am!  And yet, we love it.  I love to see their little smiles behind their helmets.  The first week was a disaster!  From crying kids to not getting on the ice in time to skate (so much to put on them) and then the second week I got whacked in the head with a hockey stick when Amelie fell and my coffee went all over my head.  The third week we ended up in a dressing room with a bunch of 20 something's (guys) in their underwear.  And we STILL go.  Yes, we love our children.
Christmas was good.  No one got sick so that is great!  It was busy like every year and now is our time to relax together and regroup as a family.
Tonight is New Years Eve and I am going to spend that with my husband watching a movie.
I am so blessed.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Life isn't perfect...or is it?

Life happens whether we want it to or not.  Little legs will get stuck in table chairs.  Yogurt will get in the baby's hair.  Kids will get sick (so will parents!) and kids will argue. (Again, so will parents!)  Life doesn't fit into a neat little box.  If you want it to you will have to send your kids back.  Go win the lottery and live in the bahamas where the sun shines and the water is clear.  There are going to be sick days and ugh-I-don't-want-today-to-happen days.  We are human after all.  All of these challenges will help them grow.  They will see that mom isn't perfect and sometimes mom needs help.  They will see that if mom doesn't get enough sleep, there are consequences in the house.  They will see real life.  I have some friends right now who have newborns.  I see myself in them about 18 months ago.  I remember the OH MY GOODNESS!  My children are not learning anything!  Oh my goodness!  I am ruining my children.  Seriously self, take a break. The kids will learn what it is really like raising a newborn.  They will see the crying and the frustration. (From baby and mom)  They will see interruptions and not-doing.  They will see life.  I look at our life now and it is easy.  We don't have a newborn in the house any longer.  Even lazy days I see learning taking place.
For example, look at this slug.  We were outside and Ricky comes flying around to the front of the house with this giant slug.  Of course we head inside and look up this beauty.  It is called a leopard slug and are quite common in this area.  She found him/her under a big leaf.  The kids all got to touch and then set it free.  Little things like this happen all the time.  Sometimes it is ok to have days where kids are making salads, playing with toys, crocheting, playing video games, watching tv or reading books.  Sometimes it is ok to have days where we don't really feel like doing anything. (Lets face it-this is us parents.  My kids are ALWAYS willing to do anything!)  It is ok because it is life.  It is ok because we love them and care.  I have learned over the years to just relax and enjoy life with our family.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Amelie and I were sitting on the porch yesterday and she says she is bored.  My children have never said they are bored.  So we chatted and I suggested poetry.  She wrinkled her nose but then listened.  I told her that in college I used to write poems and really enjoyed it.  She asked me to take out my book of poems and we read through a few.  She is off now on a poetry craze.  She has been writing poems and looking up different rules about poems.  Yes, she is my daughter who never stops.

I am going to share one of my poems that I wrote in college.  I may end up sharing others but I will choose the one.

Only two people on the sidewalk
an old homeless woman
carrying her wardrobe in a paper bag
and a couple of feet behind her walks a respectful man in his 30's.
He is walking a pace faster than she-
so in a short time he will catch up to her.
In one stride he passes her and continues to walk his pace.
Only a foot between them, with her raspy voice-
she calls out to the man.
He holds his breath and turns around expecting her to
ask for some spare change that she will only spend on booze.
After getting his attention she says...
You know, for a second there, it sure looked like we
were walking together, didn't it?

That Unfortunate Soul  (one more)

Wandering aimlessly through broken cities
he covers his unimportant being with sheaths of dirty wear
one eye intact, two ears to hear
frost bit, bug eaten hands
scurry to find the comfort of a satisfied stomach.
The warmth consisting only in his mind
where thoughts of dandelions and colorful jellybeans dance.
Memories are his company
Visions of uneaten bread and windows from the inside
Fire glowing, he laughs with the world
the being with a wisdom of his surroundings, a knowledge of people
Lies on a sidewalk with hope and content.

Slaying past his people, briefcase at hand
Outstanding, beautiful at the sight
Washed clean clothes
accepted by society
Successful at every challenge, every thought created
holding an importance given to him at birth
Stomach full, he laughs at the world
Deadlines holding him in their hands of entrapment
Hurrying through life, never quite there yet
His ignorant mind consisting only of wanted happiness
He screams from the inside, wanting a way out
cring into his unsuccessful hands, he wakes up to another dreadful day.

I used to love writing poetry.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dancing to Mozart

Yes, we unschool.  I have started going to Charlotte Mason meetings for ideas.  A lot of people think that unschooling is completely letting your child lead and leaving them to their own devices.  This is not true.  Unschooling (or life learning if you want more of a positives spin) means something different to different people.  To us it means not doing any schooling that the kids don't enjoy.  This means that we search high and low to get information into our children.  We very rarely use a text book.  Really the only text book we have is for Math and like I said before, the kids ask to "play" math.  Geography and History are done through reading.  Science is nature and books.  We do the odd experiment too.  We do a tonne of reading from all kinds of books.  Since going to the meetings I have gotten ideas to try with them.  They now have some copy work.  This is quite fun actually.  I write out a sentence and they copy it.  Sometimes I write that they have the best mom ever.  Sometimes I can write that my daughter Ricky is amazing.  These little comments make them smile and this makes me smile. It is those moments that I love.  The creativity and the little bits of love I can throw into their day.  Charlotte Mason believes in studying music, art and living books.  I don't have the exact same philosophy but these women are such a wealth of knowledge and I do take their advice.  We have fun with it.  We look through art books and talk about the work.  We read really good books.  Here in these pictures we are dancing to Mozart.  I turned up a video on the computer and we danced around the kitchen.  We got some CD's from the library and play those while we read stories about Mozart.  I absolutely love how much we have fun with learning!  I am so thankful for the lives we lead.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Monday, September 3, 2012

Another year of thanks

Ah yes, the first day of school.  As kids are excitedly packing and repacking their backpacks and supplies and getting ready for school, my kids will be sleeping.  Well most of them.  They are completely oblivious to the first day of school.  While kids are watching for the bus to bump on down the road, my kids will be cuddled up on the couch watching The Lorax.  (Ricky will still be sleeping)  While kids are loading onto the bus and traveling down the streets and then lining up for school, my kids will be eating breakfast and chatting.  (Ricky will probably still be sleeping)  As amazing as homeschooling is, I don't think any bad thoughts about school.  Sure I do believe for us that homeschooling is the better option.  That doesn't mean I think school is evil.  Not everyone is cut out for homeschooling.  Some mornings this year will arrive that I see that bus roll up and I will want to truck all of my crazy kids out there and plunk them on a seat and wave excitedly goodbye and do a the happy dance in an empty house BUT most days I treasure.  I love our lazy days of interaction with one another.  I love our many conversations we have throughout the day.  I love Ricky sleeping in, creative games and plays they create and piles of books.  I love Amelie and Ricky crocheting together and talking and I love being able to stay home and love them, mold them and teach them.
I just love who my children are and who they are becoming.  I thank God all the time that we came upon this journey that is wild and so full of yummy love.  Tomorrow we stay in our PJ's all day and maybe have some fun with math.  The next day we go to the zoo with a bunch of other homeschooling families and just live.  Really, can life get much better?

Monday, July 23, 2012


Seriously, what's the big deal?
Why is it so important for our children to finish everything on their plate?  It makes no sense to me.
Yesterday my daughter didn't want to finish her watermelon.  I told her that we would put it aside and if she wanted more it would be there.  I heard a comment that I let my children off the hook to easily.  What?  That's silly.  If I am eating and I begin to not enjoy what I am eating, I will give it over to someone else.  I don't not feel the need to finish.  Why do parents feel the need to control their children so much?  Will they grow up to not finish what is on their plate?  GASP!  Will they starve to death?  Please.  They need to finish what they start?  Why?  Because we as adults always do?  I have never made my children finish their food.  When they are done, they are done.  Not a big deal.  There are many more important things to worry about than if my daughter eats a few more bites of her watermelon.  Really, our children will not turn out to be non eating, filthy, non polite monsters if we don't control every little moment of their lives.  People amaze me.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

They're getting more veggies kids!!! :)

I am feeling very blessed.  Look at these amazing children!  The first few pictures are of a pond at our park.  Well it is really a field that flooded but whatever.  Thousands and thousands of toads were mating about a month ago and our kids found them.  To the excitement of the toads I am sure ;)  the kids had a blast.  Yes we came home with muddy clothes and slimy hands but oh what a wonderful time we had!  Amelie wanted a picture of herself kissing a toad and then make it seem like the toad turned into Cohen.  Then we have Ricky with a toad, Reagan holding out a toad to show us, Hadley being cute in a swing and Callum being a soccer star.  I haven't worked on pictures of Hadley and Callum in the pond so I put other pictures in.
When I look at my children and who they are becoming, I am so grateful for our decision to homeschool.  More and more I am noticing their differences and the benefits.  They are just really great kids.  I am their mom and moms say this, I know.  Thank God I listened to my heart and went against the naysayers and we raised our children the way they were meant to be raised.
Oh and YAY, I know how to upload pictures on this computer now.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Still here...

Hello all,
We are just figuring out how to put pictures onto our computer.  Yes, this is our life.  Things take a long time.  The important things get done.
The kids are in soccer again.  I can't wait to post pictures of it.  They are all doing so well and enjoying themselves.  Callum is the new soccer guy in the family.  He takes it quite seriously.  He is now sleeping through the night and staying dry.  People say that we will miss the diaper stage but I don't believe we will.  It has been 9.5 yrs in diapers for us and 8 yrs with 2 in diapers.  We are ready.  Hadley Jude is the last little peanut.
You worry and worry and worry that they won't potty train, that they won't sleep through the night, that they will be ruined by your frustrations.  You worry about what they eat and how they behave.  Will they read and know their letters?  How is their socialization?  I am not worried about how they socialize but I am more worried about how they will be perceived by other kids in a town that is schooled.  Lets face it, we are watched.  Kids in school do have a different way of being.  It isn't bad, just different.  They learn pretty quickly what is ok and what is not in the socialization circle of life.  It is not ok for another kid to come up and tell them what they are saying is wrong.  I taught Amelie this this month.  When kids are using inappropriate language they don't need to be told.  Yes I am happy that my child is not following suit but I also don't want her targeted.   I have taught her to just walk away and play with someone else.  I would much rather navigate through this than the alternative.  So I worry about that.  I have to remind myself that they all talk, walk, use the toilet, sleep through the night, lose the soother, are healthy and happy.  It all happens and they are great.  I need to focus on being grateful more than worry.  I have been telling myself this for 9 years.  Hopefully I will listen soon.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Let them be who they are

So the kids have started soccer.  It is always exciting in the beginning.  They get up early to put on their socks, shin pads, shirts and shoes.  Very early.  This has been much anticipated all year long.  Soon the june bugs will make their appearance and half of my children will be sitting in the grass playing with them.  The sun will get hotter and we will be steaming, sitting, anticipating when soccer will be finished.  I love to see my children grow.  Which brings me to my next post...growing and punishment.
When your children are in a sport, do you allow them to quit?  At what point would you allow this and why?  We have always given our children the option on quitting.  Gasp.  If they dislike a sport, they stop.  If they don't want to be dropped off somewhere, don't.  Ricky is a good example of this.  She played soccer when she was 4.  She didn't like it.  She has watched her siblings play for 4 years and has finally decided she wants to play.  She gets all dressed up and is excited to play.  Right in the beginning of the game she got hurt.  That was it.  She sat on my lap and cried about not wanting to play anymore.  Now a lot of parents would get upset and send them back out.  But to what cost?  Sure your child will play.  Big deal.  I had a talk with her about why she didn't want to play.  She said she thought she would like it now but doesn't.  It isn't only because she got hurt.  It is because she is shy.  She would prefer one on one interaction and we have always known that about her.  I am still proud of her for stepping outside of her comfort zone.  Guess what.  For years she has not wanted to go somewhere without Ron or I.  We always stay or she just comes with us.  Today she said she wanted to go to Sunday School and be down there on her own.  She did it!  She didn't need us.  Our little Ricky is growing up.  Sniffle.  Was it that hard to follow what she needed?  Was I worried about her being 20 and never letting us out of her sight?  No.  They grow up.  Way too fast actually.  So if your child is not feeling the independent thing...don't push it.  They will get there on their own time.  Let me tell you something about Ricky.  She is the sweetest, most giving child I know.  She has a huge heart and is always putting others before her.  She is observant and enjoys doing things on her own.  She is artistic in the way she dresses as well as her art.  She is shy and she is ours.  I love her exactly the way she is.  If I would have shoved her out onto the field or dropped her off without her consent, she wouldn't be who she is.  Now that is a sad thought.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Why worry?

My 3yo son wants to stay with mom or dad always.
My 3yo son still sometimes wears diapers and loves his soo soo. (Only allowed at bed)
My 7yo daughter still does not like to be away from mom or dad.

Do you know what I am getting at?

Do we as parents allow our children to have security blankets or do we demand that they grow up and have independence? This really is well thought out by most parents.

We have the parents that say they would never allow their child to sleep in their bed because they would want to all the time.

We have the parents who stop nursing at 6 months because they don't want their child to become too dependent on them.

Then we have those parents who allow their children to come into their own when they are meant to.

I have never left my child somewhere where they are uncomfortable with it. Not once. I just don't believe in it. Did you know that that was our deciding factor in homeschooling? I was told by the secretary to pry Amelie (at the age of 3) off of my leg, turn around and walk away. Obviously she didn't know who she was talking to. If she expects her own mother to treat her like that, what is stopping from them to treat her like that?

When did it become "them or us?"

We can still be there for our children AND be there for ourselves.

I have had various children sleep in our bed at different times. Guess what? Ron and I still had time on our own. Our children are evidence of that. I can guarantee that they will not be 15 and still crawling into our bed. One day this won't happen. Bitter sweet.

I used to worry when my older children still had a soo soo and they were considered too old. Will they ever give it up? I shouldn't have given so much time to worry. Yes, they do give it up and it is forgotten. I don't even remember Cohen or Reagan with a soother and it wasn't all that long ago. I have learned to let it go and let him have it at night. Again, I am pretty sure he won't still use it at 15.

He still has diapers about 60 percent of the time. Meh. Cohen used to hide in the curtains to poop in his diaper and he was almost 4. Did it hurt him? Nope. I hardly remember him in diapers and he has just turned 6. Why did I ever worry that he needed diapers at almost 4. For the record, he wasn't 15 when he got in underwear. Callum is still out for debate. I am not worried.

Why do we fret and worry and judge when in the grand scheme of doesn't matter? Let them be. Let them be ready for what lies ahead. I wish I could go back and know that things like potty training, what they eat, using soo soo's, talking late, bathing every day...didn't matter! At each age their will be new hurtles to jump and we will do it just fine. On our own time.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


So I am ready to post on this blog and I realize I can't upload the picture I took. We just got a new laptop and I don't know how to do it. So here is a post without a picture.
In this picture was my children. All 6 of them lined up on the couch watching American Idol. Yes, you read that right. I let them watch American Idol. Usually it is just Amelie and Ricky but it was all tonight. Let me share why.
The wonderful, spring thunderstorms are here.
I had a very looooooong day. By long day I mean whining children, newly mudded carpets (I know, why do we have a carpet???), kids hitting, stepped in yogurt, peed through diaper and the list goes on. So by 7pm I am ready to ship them off to bed. On days like today.
I get them into bed and the thunder booms. Of course! It is designed this way. Right when you put the kids to bed but they aren't asleep yet....BOOM! This left 2 littles running out of their rooms in terror. I am tired and frustrated by this point. I raised my voice and sent them back off to bed. No, I am not perfect. I then threw Callum and Reagan in bed together. BOOM! They start screaming. I tried putting Cohen in with them. BOOM! Nope. Nothing was working. I then told them that they could come out until the storm passed. As much as I was ready for my break it felt pretty good to do the right thing. The right thing meaning it felt right. I saw all 6 lined up and it felt right. I smiled. Sometimes doing the hard thing turns out to be the easy thing. When the show was over they went happily to bed and are now sleeping. This leaves their mom feeling good instead of guilt. There are many more thunderstorms ahead. I hope I deal with them as graciously as I did tonight.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The "Sex" Talk

I don't get it. I don't get why it is so hard for parents to talk to their children about sex. First of all, I don't use the word sex while talking to them. I say Making Love. Isn't that what it should be? Sex just seems so physical minus the emotional side of it.
I think this is where parents go wrong. They are afraid. They are afraid of saying the wrong thing, giving their children ideas, of them growing up. They are afraid of "the talk."
I have heard countless questions on the subject from mom forums, magazines and Facebook. What is so hard about having a discussion with your children?
I just read a question..."Should I show my 8yo daughter a diagram of how her period will start?" Seriously? She is 8! Yes! While I probably wouldn't bring my child to the computer and show her a diagram I would most definitely share this knowledge with them.
Let me share with you how I taught my children about Making Love and all that fun stuff.
When Amelie and Ricky were around the age of 3 or 4 they asked how their baby sibling ended up in my belly. We are a Christian family so I first shared that God gave us that baby and thought we were the perfect fit. Mom and Dad love each other very much and we are married. Dad has something called sperm inside of him that God made. Mom has eggs from God that when they get the sperm inside of the egg turns into a baby. Isn't that amazing? It really is an amazing thing that God did. How could something from Dad go inside an egg inside of Mom? Obviously only God can do something like that! The next question was..."How does the sperm get to the egg?" Well because God made mom and dad fit together like puzzle pieces. Dads penis fits inside moms vagina and that is how it gets in there. They said "Oh" and that was it. They have always known and not made a big deal out of it. It really is that easy! Why so many books on the subject? Why so many programs and websites? Why does it have to be so hard?
Another one. Menstration. Half of the population gets it. Why would this be so difficult to discuss? I have explained to the girls what to watch for and what we do about it.
If we explain everything like it is a gift from God then we can't go wrong. We have periods so we can have babies! It is allowing us to carry a baby inside of us. A child of God.

One day I will have a discussion with my children about Love! Now there is a much harder discussion in my opinion. They need to be taught about feelings. Appropriate feelings. About the difference between love and lust. About appropriate behavior and what God wants for us.

The facts...easy. The in depth conversation about Love...eeeeek! That is a conversation that I don't want to mess up. I want them to fully understand how important it is to wait until marriage.
I haven't decided how exactly to have this talk. If it is going to involve Dad or if it will be me and the child alone. Of course throughout their life they have been taught this but I do what to have a good sit-down talk about it.
Many parents do not have this very important talk. Kids are left wondering. Kids are left asking their friends. Kids are left to discovering themselves. It is our job as parents to prepare our children for what is to come. We all know that our children will have hormones and they will have feelings. I plan to be aware of that and have open discussions with my children. What are you doing?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Being Confident

The most important reason we homeschool/unschool in pictures. <3

I remember when we started homeschooling. I read every book in sight about it. I learned all about John Taylor Gatto and other homeschooling guru's. I read blogs, websites and bought loads and loads of curriculum that we didn't need. I mean, my daughter was THREE!

I anticipated the much talked about socialization questions and doubting family. I couldn't wait for the battle. I was right! I spewed out every fact and every detail about homeschooling in favour of it. I think that by fighting against everyone I was also fighting against my own doubts. My own insecurities. I wanted to believe just as much as I wanted everyone else to believe. I was fairly confident but did still have that little bit of doubt nestled deep within me.

I knew that we would be put under a microscope. "She is so sweet because she is homeschooled!" "He was rude because he is homeschooled!" Everything we did would be because we homeschool.

To be honest I don't think all the reading in the world or all the talking in the world can bring you to the place that you need to be like experience can. Sure little Johnny at homeschool co-op could read chapter books by the age of three but that isn't the same as seeing your child learn and grow on their own. Bit by bit, it happens.

Seeing my children yearn to read and learn all on their own inspires me. I see little wheels turning constantly. I hear questions like "How big is an inch?" to "Why is the ocean blue?" I listen to their laughter and their navigation of relationships. Seriously, how can they not learn. Now when someone asks me questions about homeschooling or make comments about it, I don't feel the need to argue. I will answer questions respectfully and possibly change the subject. I no longer feel the need to be right. It doesn't matter to me what others think. It really doesn't. That is because I know what is right without a doubt. I wish I could go back to when we were just starting on this journey and tell my old self - Calm down. Take a deep breath. Don't buy that. Smile and nod. That doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. Take a deep breath. Calm down. Smile.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Here is our yummy Hadley Jude. Her picture was taken by a wonderful local photographer. You can check out her website @ Dana Marchand Photography.

Our Hadley is growing so fast!

If I had to say one thing about parenting that is so very cliche I would say:

They grow so fast. If you blink, you will miss it all. It is hitting home lately.

Amelie and Ricky no longer need help in the tub.

I can leave most of them playing in the tub alone.

The oldest 4 can go outside together without me.

I need to cherish each phase as it comes. Each smile. Each hug. Each whine and cuddle.

I wish I could keep them young and by my side forever.

One day this chaotic house will be quiet and clean. I surprisingly don't look forward to those days.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Appointment

The appointment. OH the appointment.

We had an appointment with a Ped for Cohen. The first on the list was vaccinating. Why don't we vaccinate. I am an irresponsible parent who needs to be protecting her children. Apparently that isn't what I was already doing. I expect this disagreement when I go to the doctors. I smile and nod. There is no need to argue with a doctor about vaccinations.

To be honest, I wouldn't mind vaccinating for some diseases. I have asked Ron to research and we will come to a decision together. If doctors would admit that there are sometimes severe adverse reactions then we wouldn't be as hesitant. It gets covered up and Voila! No proof. I have read enough stories to confirm that it does happen. Just admit it.

Next came eating. Cohen has a hard time with many foods. He eats very healthy foods and is constantly adding new foods. We never make our children eat something they don't like. 5 of our children are wonderful eaters. We have one who gags over most foods. As a parent I feel it is important to respect your children and work around things. Obviously the doctor felt differently. He needs protein he says. He is shorter than most kids his age and lighter than most kids his age. Woopdeedoo. Ron was the same way. His name was Scrawney Ronnie. Cohen eats eggs, peanut butter and GASP chicken nuggets. I even suggested getting a protein powder to put in the smoothies and he said NO. You are his mother and you need to sit and make him eat REAL food. It just gets better and better, doesn't it?

AND the grand finale.....Are you ready for it? He acts like this because he is UNSOCIALIZED! He needs to be in school so he can learn how to socialize properly. This is when I got mad. I am very confident with our homeschooling. There are field trips once a month that he is a part of, play dates, park day, Sunday school, his siblings...PLEASE! If he was any MORE socialized he would need naps from being too tired! He thinks kids should be around other kids their own age. OH so my children shouldn't be talking to adults, no babies, no teenagers. He says that they shouldn't be learning their activities from someone who would be say 14 because of the way 14 year olds act! Well, he obviously hasn't met the 14 year olds I know. I would be proud to have my son act like the teenagers he knows. The 14 year olds I know play with children, respect and love their parents, are parts of church youth groups, have intelligent conversations with adults, are happy, well-rounded people who are amazing at giving good examples. So please don't tell me it isn't healthy for my children to be around a 14 year old.

By this point I am saying Thank you for your time. So as a homeschooling, non-vaxing, co-sleeping, gentle discipline and no Crying It Out mom, I sure have my mountains to climb! Isn't that what we should be doing though? Fighting for our children to be the best we can be for them. Fighting for their minds, their hearts and their integrity. Fighting every doctor, uneducated people for what we believe in? I feel this is what is best for my children so I do it!

Of course I prefer to not fight and stand back but when it is needed, well, that is what I am here for.

One picture is at Christmas with the kids. They are all in the PJ's I made them.

Another picture is of our Hadley Jude.

The other is Reagan in her bed with the quilt I made her. I tell her that she is surrounded in my love. She is. <3

Friday, January 20, 2012

My baby daughter has Mastocytosis. I don't know if it is Mastocytoma or Urticaria Pigmentosa. We have been very busy researching. Thank you for the understanding with not writing so much lately. A lot of our plate.

Monday, January 2, 2012

I have not written in a while about our adventures. We have been a busy family enjoying each other and I will write a nice post soon.