Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cohen's 4th birthday party

Cohen's birthday was at the famous Chuckie Cheese's. He invited all of his friends and had a blast. There is a special package there that you can buy. This involves a cake (did you see my pic of the cake I made? I can't in truth say it was intentional but I made it an intentional motorcycle obstacle cake), music, Chuckie Cheese's special attention, balloons and free tickets. I will tell you how it went. All of the kids surrounded Chuckie Cheese so he didn't have a choice. The kids were offered balloons from someone. When it came time for Chuckie to throw the tickets all of the kids from our party went running and caught half and to top it off...when the staff and Chuckie sang Happy Birthday for another party, Cohen thought it was all for him! Ron didn't have a job at the time but we got the party package too! lol
This slightly reminds me of my mom smuggling pop and chips into the movie theatre. haha
Pssst..Ron got a job. He starts tomorrow night!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Who are you?

Ok yes, Amelie looks hilarious in this picture but that isn't the point.
I have started quilting. It is a long but peaceful process that I am really enjoying. I am learning that the interests I have flow out to my children. They may not become fashion designers or teachers but a little bit of me pours out onto them. What do I do in my life that they can follow? What accomplishments can I share? I believe the most important is the love of learning. I am constantly learning. I love to read. I love to learn new things. Now this does not mean I am an adventurous person by any means. You would not catch me on a roller coaster or on the top of a building for that matter. You will see me however, sitting enthralled in a book. Researching on the computer. Reading my bible. Questioning things and finding answers. Laughing. Crying. Coaching for Special Olympics. Helping others in need. Being courteous. Yelling. Frustrated. Calm. Content. What do you portray to your children? They are watching.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

goodwill treasures

Cute story.
We have a small house. It is near impossible to keep it clutter free. Every chance I get I send things to goodwill. When I actually get a box together it is sweet relief. The other night Cohen was walking around the house and taking great care in what he was doing. I should have posted more pictures but I didn't. In every little spot in our house we found treasures from our goodwill box. At first I wanted to get upset. It is very frustrating to see that box be emptied. But oh the look of pride on my four year old sons face. He was being ever so careful placing these treasured items on our sewing machine, book case and even light switches. Everywhere we looked there was a goodwill item. Then he brought us around to show us how beautiful it looked. I told him it was beautiful and we took pictures. I am quite sure he got this idea from decorating during Christmas. And then here is our sweet boy (that night) sleeping soundly.
Thank you God for our sweet, sweet boy Cohen.
Is it bad that I didn't send out Christmas cards this year? We have Ron's, Cohen's, Amelie's and Callum's birthdays in December. Callum is beginning of Jan. Not to mention Christmas! I think I will send them out in Feb so people will feel special. Sure, that's why we waited. :)
Here is the best picture we could get. They are impossible! I love them!