Friday, February 29, 2008

Come here often?

I can't figure out how my children keep catching each others colds. Any suggestions?

Float or Sink?

Amelie wanted to fill a bowl of water to see which objects would float and which would sink. Ricky saw potential in making a mess so she was all over it. Once Cohen got in on the action the bowl went away. I would really like to delve into this experiment when Cohen is napping.


My nephew Finn.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Roo goes outside

Here is Roo. We don't take her outside very often but today was a perfect day. She didn't last very long though. She takes after her mommy. Oh I could just eat her! Looking at that little face makes me want a million more! Relax everyone..we are only planning on 10.


This picture signifies beauty. Growing up I played on this swing with my friends. I sat on here with my pop shoppe bottles and my penny candies.
We bought my grandparents house and every day I am glad that we did. It has so many memories and at certain times during the day I remember. I remember my grandparents and family that once gathered on Sunday's. I hope that my children will have just as many fond memories in time as I do.
This picture was taken in the early morning silence.

Oh the snow was wonderful today! It was very mild today. A perfect day for mom to go outside with the family.
The kids got some blocks for a late Christmas present from their uncles. They are really enjoying making towers with them. It is great to see them working together to build something. Cohen flies into their creations with his ride on bike just to hear his sister squeal.

Putting silverware away

Amelie was wandering around the house looking for objects to attract to her magnet pen. She found that silverware works so she decided to put it away in the drawer. I hope these creative ideas lead to more housework in the future. Wishful thinking!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Milestones and treating them equally

I always worry about treating the kids equally and making sure I have given them all the same amount of attention. Of course Reagan gets a bit more (Miss drama queen..haha) but with the other three I try to be fair. Amelie and Ricky get enough of my attention. Amelie and I have a joking relationship. We like to play tricks on each other. We will be sitting on the couch together and I'll push her over and we'll laugh. I enjoy this and you can tell she does as well. She runs up to me at least 8 times a day for a quick hug. Ricky on the other hand constantly needs cuddles. I love it. She loves hugs and kisses. She thrives on attention. If she could be on my lap all day and cuddle it would be fine with her. She is more reserved than Amelie. Amelie is ready to try anything and doesn't like to wait. Ricky stands back and is cautious.
Sometimes I think Cohen doesn't get enough of our attention. We still have trouble with the communication so hopefully that will pick up soon! Cohen is the sweetest, most sensitive little boy you'll ever meet. He loves to cuddle but not for too long. One cute pastime he has picked up is running up and pulling Ricky's hair. He chooses this candidate because she comes with the most reaction. She doesn't just cry. She doesn't just wimper. She SQUEALS!! And when I say squeal I mean SQUEAL. She has a way that just makes you want to...Oh we'll leave that to your imagination..haha. Then after pulling her hair he smiles and runs away. Only to go back and try to do it again.
Ricky will be 4 in April and was still wearing diapers to bed. I am proud to say that...SHE PEES ON THE TOILET NOW!! What a relief! Two nights in a row she hasn't wet the bed. I am so proud of my little girl.
Also, Cohen loves the potty. He runs and sits down and pees. Just like that. He isn't ready yet I know but it is nice to see him go.
Tomorrow I plan on doing some more learning. We are looking forward to making Maple Syrup this coming weekend. Oh being a mom is so rewarding!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Amelie reading to Ricky

I truly believe my children are so close because of homeschooling. Amelie is reading Put me in the Zoo to Ricky. I can't believe how well she is reading..AND the most important part..SHE LOVES IT!!


Cohen is putting Reagan's soother in. I LOVE to see them interacting with one another. He has not once hurt her. I really hope he grows up to be as sensitive a man as he is as a little boy.


This is Tyson. He is a part of our family.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Making Slime

Can you believe I actually had the courage to have the kids make SLIME?? Well I did and it was fun. I got this idea because Ricky LOVES strange feelings on her hands and experimenting with different textures. Toothpaste in the sink for example (yesterday's fiasco) so I looked up on the internet how to make slime. It was the single most weirdest feeling I have ever felt! When you pour this liquid out it is just that..liquid. It turns to a rubber like substance almost instantly. Try picking it up. It automatically turns to a liquid again! Very strange. This is how I did it.

1 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup water (may need a bit more..add as needed)
food coloring if desired

Put these ingredients in a ziplock bag and close it. Knead it and make sure it is all mixed. Well most. It can get hard to mix so just continue. Then pour out somewhere. It was very fun.

They had so much messy fun! Sometimes a mom has to let them get full of slime. Literally.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Family. This is my sister and my nephews Sawyer and Finn. They look so much alike! My children really love playing with their cousins!

The Science Center

We went to the Science Center yesterday and the kids had a blast. There is a big sand pit for them to dig for fossils. Cohen won't eat noodles, meat, pretty much anything but we discovered he will eat sand. There were a couple of tarantula's there which made me feel uneasy. I tried not to look but it is much like a car accident. I had to look. It really is nice getting the kids out of the house considering they have all been sick.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Natural Cleaning

I could pull out all of the natural ingredients I would need to make cleaning solutions but I not THAT ambitious. Nor am I that motivated. Here is a wonderful natural cleaning line I like to use. It is called Seventh Generation. We have dish soap, washroom cleaner, shampoo and conditioner. It smell fresh and natural AND WORKS. Oh yes.. and my favorite BABY WIPES. We were using wash clothes but lets face it..I don't have that much time!
What natural products do you use?

Where did Ricky go?

Where did that Ricky go off to? She is silent. Never a good sign! Ahh there she is! Undoing all of the hard work we did the day before. Time to clean it up. Ugh. At least she wasn't in the living room spreading peanut butter on our furniture from her breakfast! OH WAIT!! She did that just a short hour before this new escapade.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy National Flag of Canada Day!!

We made Canadian flags. While making them we were listening to our O Canada CD. We are teaching the kids all about Canada first and then we will teach about other areas of the world. We do touch on different countries too.
Ron put their art up on our wall so when they wake up they can see them.

Cohen's Art

Here is Cohen's train. While helping the girls make their flags we wanted to involve Coco as well. We followed his interests and made a train. We got to teach him shapes without him realizing it. He even colored it himself..WITHOUT EATING THE CRAYON!! Yay!

Our Homework

Yes we do homework! It may not be what you think. Our homework consists of giggles and fun. Homework is actually homework. Here was our list for the day.
Clean out under the kitchen sink
Scrub garbage and baby gate
clean girls room

The girls decided to help with under the sink and cleaning their room. It feels great to get things done and to also be spending time with the kids. You should see how excited they are!
I use all natural cleaners so the kids are able to help without all of the toxic chemicals. I will take a picture soon of all of our cleaners. The girls put all the bags together and Amelie scrubbed.
We then went to their bedroom and cleaned. The basket of clothes on the dresser needs putting away but that would include going through Ricky's clothes and bringing some to goodwill. I will save that for another day.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cleaning Project

I am starting a new cleaning project.
During my quiet time at night I am going to write a list of jobs I would like to get done around the house the next day. (I will post them here) If you want you can follow my list and get things done at your home as well or even make your own!
Today my list is....
scrub highchair and swing
clean washroom
grocery shopping
scrub down table and chairs
I find that if I write a list I am more likely to accomplish my tasks. Usually I tidy the house constantly not feeling like I am getting anywhere. What are the kids going to be doing while I am cleaning? with me of course! I will be writing what the kids have helped with and how they helped. I am going to make this fun! For ex. Amelie took a wisp broom and dust pan and cleaned under the table. They can help fold and put laundry away. Usually I don't want help because let's face it, it isn't help. It goes more slowly and more messy. I am just tired of the guilt when I am cleaning and the kids are watching TV and not doing something productive.
I am also going to list what natural cleaners I use and discover. For ex. When I clean the tub I will be using lemon juice and baking soda mixed together into a paste. I have not tried this yet but heard it works like a charm.
I encourage comments on how your children help you clean throughout your day. What did they learn? What natural cleaners do you use? What are your lists you have made?
Sound like a plan? I am really looking forward to getting things done and including my children.
This way we will have more time to do "school."

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I can SEE!!

Here is Cohen with his glasses. I could just eat him! He is supposed to be wearing these all the time but we have been so crazy here we haven't been putting them on him. I am going to start up again. He has to learn to keep them on. Anyone feel like following around a 2 year old for the day?


If anyone knows Ricky they know how much she loves food! It may look like Reagan is hoarding her food and Ricky is about to take her spoon but not this time. She is helping Reagan eat.

I have decided to give Reagan small portions of fruit to help fill her belly. I feed her first and then occasionally top her up with fruit. I will be making my own this wk so we don't have to use the commercial junk.

Special Time

Well Amelie is having her second sleepover tonight. She is very excited about it! I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to have a date night with Ricky. I will post pictures tonight.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Playing with Geoboards

The Geoboards are from our Right Start Math program. They are using elastics to make shapes on the pegs. I love to sneak in learning experiences especially when it is so much fun!

Update on our Roo

Well Reagan still hasn't had her poop. We are trying everything! We want our baby girl to feel better. Does anyone have any home remedies they swear by to help constipation? She is throwing up about once a day now. She has been breastfeeding a lot lately. For the comfort I believe. I don't mind. Anything to help her feel better!

Planting our kidney beans

We finally have gotten the chance to plant our kidney beans! With Reagan being sick they sat there in the jar with water. I think I am ready for this experiment to be done. On to the next one soon. They really did learn a lot about roots and what plants need to thrive.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bringing Reagan back to the hospital

We are bringing Reagan back into the hospital tomorrow morning. She is still not pooping and is still vomiting. Please say a prayer.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Family Update - by Daddy

Hello Everybody,
My wife wanted me to give a quick update about everything that has been going on here. We spent last night in the hospital with baby Reagan. She had been feeling sick from what we thought was the flu that went through Ricky, Cohen and myself. Early on yesterday we had brought her in to the clinic for a check to make sure that she wasn't getting dehydrated. They said her vitals were good, but if the vomiting increased we should get her in to the hospital.

Later on Reagan's vomiting did get worse so my wife called an ambulance and took our sweetie to the hospital where I was waiting for them. After a nights worth of testing and waiting we found out that our little bum was full of poop. Poor little baby is constipated. So now we're all home, Reagan's happier and we're just waiting for the big one. Wish us luck!

Family Fun Day Craft - an entry by Daddy

This morning we made our Family Fun Day Craft. With the 'F's and Hearts it's an all-in-one February craft. We covered the letter F, Valentines Day and Family Fun Day (the 18th).

Once I had the shapes and letters cut out and the poster taped to the wall I called the kids over for half an hour of grabbing, taping and sticking madness. It really turned out great and the kids had lots of fun. Amelie was a great help with rolling the tape to stick the shapes on. Ricky was ready to go with her beautiful crafting gown on and Cohen was going crazy over the giant letters. He loves letters.

When the craft was finished I asked the girls if they knew a good title for our craft. They both loved the title "Valentines Day." I had a title picked out (it rhymes with hearts but starts with an F) but they laughed at me and said I was silly.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Oh the joys of the sick "S" family

Hmm..should I use fillers? Go back through pictures of the "S" family and find some interesting or cute pics? Nah, I will just write what has been happening here the past couple of days.
Right now little Roo is sick. She has thrown up about 6 times in the past 24 hours. Am I surprised? No. Everyone in the house has had it but Amelie. We habe been keeping her hydrated with pedialite and breast milk. She is groggy today (which isn't the worst thing in the world haha) and we are keeping a good eye on her to make sure she is OK. I have never had a baby so young have the flu. It isn't fun! Although it isn't fun for any of them.
What are all of the creative and interesting projects the "S" family have done you ask? NOTHING. How else can I word that? NADA. ZILCH. It is nice to see the family come together and take care of each other. Just because we haven't done "school" doesn't mean that they aren't learning and growing. I have to remind myself of this on occasion.
Today I would like to work with Cohen on his speech. This involves getting down to his level and playing with toys he is interested in. I have to be honest here..I have a hard time with this! I really have to work on enjoying my time with Cohen instead of thinking..Oh I don't want to be playing with this train or putting this track together. I am playing with my son, not the train.
My house needs to be cleaned. Off for now.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

She wrote her name!!

SHE DID IT!!! Look at that BEAUTIFUL smile!
These are the moments I teach for. These are the moments I LIVE for.

I realized the best way to teach letter sounds is by using bodily functions as our guide. P is for Pee. B is for Boogies. They say they learn what they are interested in. Hahaha.

Friday, February 1, 2008

My Loves

This is the result of our celery experiment. Do you see the red? I believe science is becoming my favorite subject. The littles definitely LOVE it. I want them to love learning and homeschooling absolutely does the trick!

Amelie is getting sick. I can feel it. The flu has just gone through the "S" house and she and I are the only ones who didn't get sick. She was emotional today so tomorrow may be her day.

We were reading about The History of Music in our encyclopedia and Amelie seemed intrigued by the orchestra. She asked who the guy with the stick was. I couldn't remember his job name and she pipes up and says..Oh its the conductor. I I think a conductor is someone that works on a train. I read ahead and sure enough HE IS A CONDUCTOR. She is already bypassing my intelligence. I was afraid of that. Haha.

I am really hoping to get a picture of a look on Ricky's face. She has been sounding out words with me. All of a sudden she gets a look of excitement/pride/awe with the realization that she has just read a word. I want that picture. It is priceless.

Today I put Cohen in a relax time. He pulled Ricky's hair when upset. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen! He looked sooo little sitting there. The funny thing is is he enjoys it. He laughs and sneaks off. He actually listened pretty well. Sometimes because he has a speech delay I forget that he understands me. He is a smart little guy. I am contemplating running into our room and hugging him but NO I am not INSANE. I very rarely get time to myself.

Little Roo is starting to be awake more often AND happy. She was pretty temperamental up until now so hopefully it stays this way! She doesn't laugh very often yet so when she does it makes all of those stressful days melt away. matter which still has the same effect.