Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our Poor Ricky

Ricky was playing outside with a bright green caterpillar. She suddenly runs into the house crying. The caterpillar stuck its fur into her hand. It took us 2 hours to pull out each hair with tweezers, all the while she is crying because it is burning. She also let this caterpillar crawl on her belly. The next morning she woke up with this rash. It turned out that this was a stinging caterpillar that had venom in its fur. Isn't that fun. But wait, it isn't over!
Then she runs up to Ron with a handful of these delicious looking berries. The next day I am on facebook and another mom I know has pictures of her daughter in the hospital. It so happens that she has eaten berries from a Yew bush. The hospital told her to rush her daughter in within an hour or her daughter would be dead. One or two of these fatal berries can stop a beating heart. I am looking at the pictures on facebook of these berries and Ron says they look familiar. Ricky had just brought him a bunch of these. Ricky brings us outside to show us where she gathered them. Right off of our front porch! Two whole bushes of them. I am SHOCKED that in three years none of our children have eaten these! Not done yet.
Ricky is playing hockey outside and gets whacked in the forehead with a stick. This leaves a big bruise in the center of her face. One more.
She continues to play and shortly after is stung by a bee. Of course! So we put some natural ointment on it that we got at the bee farm the day before. It was perfect that we had a bee that we found for her to take the stinger out. It was therapeutic I think.
We have decided to keep her in a bubble from now on!

And this is what happens to something that hurts our Ricky

Only homeschoolers would ask the bee place if we can take home the dead bee we found :) We got to dissect him and Ricky got to pull out his stinger. Soon we will be looking at him under our microscope.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Can this get any better?

Can it? I don't think it can. I wasn't paying attention to what the girls were up to. I look up and Amelie is teaching Ricky how to ride a bike. Amelie has just taken off with bike riding and she wants to teach her sister. You should have seen the 2 proud faces I saw! Absolutely beautiful! I love how incredibly close my girls are. I am happy that I went to grab the camera to catch this special moment.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Roo's 2nd Birthday

What an interesting event this was! Her favorite present was her baby. She has been holding her ever since!
What can I say about Roo? She is the sweetest little thing you ever did see :) She knows what she wants and she is going to get it! There is no beating around the bush with her. I like that. As trying as that can be at times it sure does make me proud.
That day my mom fell and broke her leg. I think she just didn't like all of the attention her 2yo granddaughter was getting ;)
I love my little Roo SO much!

My boys

Here are my boys. I love to show the closeness that my family shares.
Here Cohen ran up and sat between daddy's legs. He was being a baby penguin with his daddy. So Ron walked around the house with Cohen tucked safely with him. Wouldn't it be nice if we could always keep this safe? One day they will venture out of the nest and they will have to use all of the skills and morals they were brought up with. Our children need some years under their belt before we send them out into the big wide world. That is where homeschooling comes in. We can give them a strong foundation while they are young and they can work their magic around the world.
The other picture Ricky is feeding Callum. He demolished that by the way. I love how the kids are constantly showing each other love.