Friday, October 2, 2015

Here I am!
In the last post I said that we started up schooling again.  That is what happened.  Pure crazy.
Every year I go through a time of worry.  What if I don't have everything planned out properly?  What if I am missing something?  A lot of somethings?  What if I fail my children?
Then it happens.  We find our groove.  We are off!
Homeschoolers have this annoying habit.  We compare ourselves to other homeschooers.  Whether it good or bad.  "My children listen better."  "I would never teach that!"  "This curriculum is better."  I am quite sure we all do it or at least most of us do.  It is so hard to stay on our path and see our children individually.  Isn't that one of the reasons we homeschool?  If our children are individuals, when then are our families not individual?  What is right for us may not be right for you.  There are so many different methods of homeschooling and that is the beauty of it.  And that method may even change from year to year.  I know it has here.  Here is what we do in a day this year.
Older 3 (gr. 8, 6 and 5)
Grammar (ends up being 2x a wk)
Reading Comprehension (12 wks a yr so we pick a wk we aren't too busy)
Science (I read books 3x a wk and experiment 1x a wk)

Younger 3 (gr. 3, 1 and JK)  Don't do much for JK.  Letters for fun.
Copywork (practicing printing)
Reading for gr 1
Science (same as others)

A couple times a wk I read books on history/geography.  They hold maps and search for places we are discussing.  We mostly do Canadian history and geography but do do Story of the World for World History.
We also read good books for the sake of good books.  Mostly Sonlight books.

We also have a Bible program.

That's it folks.  We spend a total of about 1 hr in the morning all together.  In the afternoon we spend about an hr reading.

We are happy with what we are doing this yr.  Not sure what we will change for next year.