Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Life isn't perfect...or is it?

Life happens whether we want it to or not.  Little legs will get stuck in table chairs.  Yogurt will get in the baby's hair.  Kids will get sick (so will parents!) and kids will argue. (Again, so will parents!)  Life doesn't fit into a neat little box.  If you want it to you will have to send your kids back.  Go win the lottery and live in the bahamas where the sun shines and the water is clear.  There are going to be sick days and ugh-I-don't-want-today-to-happen days.  We are human after all.  All of these challenges will help them grow.  They will see that mom isn't perfect and sometimes mom needs help.  They will see that if mom doesn't get enough sleep, there are consequences in the house.  They will see real life.  I have some friends right now who have newborns.  I see myself in them about 18 months ago.  I remember the OH MY GOODNESS!  My children are not learning anything!  Oh my goodness!  I am ruining my children.  Seriously self, take a break. The kids will learn what it is really like raising a newborn.  They will see the crying and the frustration. (From baby and mom)  They will see interruptions and not-doing.  They will see life.  I look at our life now and it is easy.  We don't have a newborn in the house any longer.  Even lazy days I see learning taking place.
For example, look at this slug.  We were outside and Ricky comes flying around to the front of the house with this giant slug.  Of course we head inside and look up this beauty.  It is called a leopard slug and are quite common in this area.  She found him/her under a big leaf.  The kids all got to touch and then set it free.  Little things like this happen all the time.  Sometimes it is ok to have days where kids are making salads, playing with toys, crocheting, playing video games, watching tv or reading books.  Sometimes it is ok to have days where we don't really feel like doing anything. (Lets face it-this is us parents.  My kids are ALWAYS willing to do anything!)  It is ok because it is life.  It is ok because we love them and care.  I have learned over the years to just relax and enjoy life with our family.