Thursday, May 29, 2008

O Lazy Daze

I am tired. I want to sleep. I am starving. I want to eat.

We have been doing "school" but I haven't been motivated enough for the pictures. The favorite part of my day is being outside watching the kids digging for bugs and making mud pies. (Minus the muddy footprints on our carpet leading to the washroom :) )
Today we were outside and the kids were running in and out of the trees, chasing each other and belly laughing. The other day all three were holding hands walking down a beautiful small road. I have so many handfuls of flowers from the girls I no longer have any idea what to do with them all. These are just a few things lately that have made my heart smile and grow.

Today we had some visitors. Our friends Shirley and Lasta. Shirley is involved with Teen Missions (I believe she is the treasurer) and Lasta is living with them from Indonesia. Whenever I see Shirley it reminds me of the selflessness of humankind. I suddenly don't care that the house hasn't been picked up, the grass needs cutting and we don't have a big new house. None of this matters. I see and hear about the places Dave and Shirley have been and it definitely puts things into perspective for me. Sometimes I need that. I want to raise the children to be thoughtful and I want them to have meaning. Deep meaning. Nothing feels quite like giving out of the goodness of your heart. I really do hope that in the future we will travel as a family and help people around the world.

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