Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Adventures in learning

Oh boy...we have done a lot of stuff!
First I will tell you about our walk for Africa. The S family walked along the river (5k) to raise money for people in Africa. This allowed us to study up on the continent and learn how they live. It is very important to teach our children about poverty and how we can help. They are the next generation. Who knows how much good they can do? Plenty! The walk there was fine. I took my shoes off (optional) and walked with the kids and dad. The way back was a bit more eventful. They decided they wanted to touch EVERYTHING, run on EVERYTHING and climb EVERYTHING. Walking with a 5 month pregnant mom...this is not advisable. By this time I was starting to get sore and hot. We finally made it back. Somehow it made it more real when I wasn't enjoying it. Should I really be enjoying a leisurely walk while walking for Africa? I do believe there should have been some sort of sacrifice. I gave up my sanity and patience for the walk back. haha

We also went for a walk in the woods. It was getting a bit late and dark so we walked in a field with tall weeds. This was excellent because we have been learning about trees and how seeds get around. We were covered in burrs so we got to see firsthand, seeds transporting.

Last week I was talking to Ron and my arm started going numb. It was my hand and half of my arm. Soon after my tongue went numb. I went to the hospital and they scheduled me for an emergency MRI for the next morning. They were worried about a stroke. They haven't called with any news so that is good.

We went to the apple farm this weekend. We got to pick some apples and are going to be making apple pies soon. There really is learning all around us!

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