Friday, January 16, 2009

Our family

...She had so many children she didn't know what to do!
Lately we have been doing two Math lessons in 1 day. I would like to finish Level A so we can start B in the Spring. Amelie is a whiz! I have yet to see a subject that she doesn't fly through.
She is already adding up quantities to make 10. She isn't satisfied just doing 10 either. She has to try it out with all different numbers. She is also writing out equations and finding the answers on the abacus.
Ricky reads me a BOB book daily. I can't believe my little Ricky is reading! She is picking up things here and there while I am with Amelie and she will be learning tonnes more when it is time for Cohen. I will have to see what stages they are at when the time comes.
We did a neat little experiment yesterday.
Get a clear jar or glass. Put in a light colored pop. You then put raisins in the glass. The gas bubbles carry the raisins to the top and when the bubbles pop the raisins sink again. They learn about gases and how they are lighter and can carry raisins. lol.


Lanie said...

So, when do you take possession of you new shoe?

Lanie said...

sorry, I meant YOUR new shoe. And I agree with a previous post, you are going to need a longer couch!