Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I have started a homeschool activity group. I would love to get more families together around this area. I find that there are not too many groups going out on outings and that is a shame. I want my children to play with other children more often so I have decided to put that together.
We are just finishing up our Right Start Level A. Within the next couple of wks we should be getting our next level shipped. Ricky will be on Level A and Amelie on Level B. I cannot believe how much they learn! Today Amelie was learning about quarters, halves and wholes. I think I will spend a little extra time on that with her. She seems to almost get it so I am going to find more creative ways to introduce those concepts to her. While Amelie was doing that Ricky was playing with the tiles and Cohen was building a tower with the Right Start wooden shapes. Thank you Right Start!
Ricky is now reading words like flapped. It is amazing how fast they catch on once they pass that hump. You should see the excitement in her eyes when she gets a hard one. Amelie is reading anything and everything her little eyes see.
We are in wk 2 of Sonlight and enjoying it. I want to try and focus more on the books she loves instead of following the schedule. I do like to follow it but I also want them to do what they are interested in at that time. I thought Ricky wasn't enjoying books as much as Amelie but I realized that she was being read to with books above her level. Why should she be interested in Core 1 books when she is only at a Pre-K level? So I have dove into the P 4/5 books again with her. She is loving those.
Chomper...I mean Cohen is still his silly little self. You wouldn't believe that he barely talked a yr ago. He.does.not.stop.talking.ever!! I must say though, I love it! Most of the time :)
Reagan is talking up a storm. We may be the only ones who understand but that is irrelevant. She has a red hot temper and knows what she wants. Oh and she is a tank!
Callum is now swiping at his toy to hit it. He is the easiest baby ever! Knock on wood.

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