Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I have to remind myself. I don't write because I have to upload a picture. Sure, I love adding a pic but it isn't needed. So now I am going to try to write.

I have picked up a new hobby. QUILTING. I am really enjoying it. I do not have any of the necessities but I will soon. I am going to do it by hand until I can get a quilting machine. (and when I know I am going to stick with this)
It is therapeutic. I make a place mat with a friend. Well, WE made a place mat. :) It looks beautiful! I like getting into new products because I see it as an opportunity for my children to join in.

We have not been doing much of anything educational. It has been lazy. (As lazy as it can be!)

Christmas was nice. It wasn't too crazy. Not much to say here.

My sister and good friend is pregnant. Do we all know what that means? Tick Tick Tick. Kidding here. I do want another one but I want to wait for Ron to have a good stable job. For now I will settle with a mere 5 of them. Hahaha.

I am loving my life.

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