Sunday, January 17, 2010

goodwill treasures

Cute story.
We have a small house. It is near impossible to keep it clutter free. Every chance I get I send things to goodwill. When I actually get a box together it is sweet relief. The other night Cohen was walking around the house and taking great care in what he was doing. I should have posted more pictures but I didn't. In every little spot in our house we found treasures from our goodwill box. At first I wanted to get upset. It is very frustrating to see that box be emptied. But oh the look of pride on my four year old sons face. He was being ever so careful placing these treasured items on our sewing machine, book case and even light switches. Everywhere we looked there was a goodwill item. Then he brought us around to show us how beautiful it looked. I told him it was beautiful and we took pictures. I am quite sure he got this idea from decorating during Christmas. And then here is our sweet boy (that night) sleeping soundly.
Thank you God for our sweet, sweet boy Cohen.

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Our Pace said...

He is very sweet. I think that the only thing we ever need is our family.What else is needed?