Sunday, February 21, 2010

They just are

Why the language in children shows? What is the point? Check out Annie the Movie. Really! Miss Hannigan says G.. D... a couple of times pretty clearly. Our children are only innocent for so long. In our house Amelie can be seen checking out Sesame Street (Shhh..I didn't tell you.), creating art, playing with children younger than her (gasp!), dancing, running, watching TV, dressing up. Oh and guess what!?! Who is Hannah Montana? She isn't even sure. Does this make my children sheltered? Do I keep them in a bubble? Heck ya! What is wrong with a great upbringing on morals? What is wrong with no cable or satellite? I would love for my children to miss out on music videos and whatever else they have. They love Veggie Tales. They love KIDS movies. Why rush them into the world full of sex, negativity and language? I like my naive children just the way they are! Don't you?

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~Leslie said...

YES! I do!!

They will get their full of it as they get older and encounter more on their own. I believe my job is to give them a solid foundation; a point of reference they can judge other things by.

I'd like them to enjoy being children--laughing, playing, pretending, singing, creating, etc.