Friday, February 4, 2011

We have so much that we have been doing and I haven't been posting. I have had the flu and I am trying to recuperate. I have been tired and feeling sick for a bit now.
I am 25 wks pregnant now. Our little girl is getting stronger and the lovely kicks to the bladder have started!
The kids are wonderful.
Amelie has been doing some creative writing which is nice. I can see the progress as she writes. Ron is reading Narnia with her at night. It is wonderful to see them bond they way they are.
Ricky is still our sweet Ricky. She is so very compassionate and plays nicely with all of her siblings. She has a great attention to detail while doing her art. She is still pretty quiet and likes to be close to mom when we go out. I like how we have never pushed their independence.
Cohen has gotten very silly and loud. He used to play quietly for hours. Not anymore! It is great to see his personality coming out. He still won't eat most foods but again, I am very happy that we haven't pushed unwanted foods at him.
Reagan is still our fireball. I find if we give her more attention throughout the day she is much happier. I think we got in the routine of getting frustrated with her automatically because she could be hard to take. It has gotten much better. She is the sweetest little thing. She constantly gives hugs and kisses to all.
Callum is starting to talk a bit more. It is nice when they are at a stage that they can communicate what they want or need. He is still very quiet and patient but becoming a bit more assertive. He is mauled by his siblings.
Ron will be emptying the pictures from the camera so I can take a bunch more to upload. I have some scrumptious pictures but I am just too tired to upload tonight!
I hope all of my fellow homeschoolers out there are doing well and loving what they are doing.

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