Wednesday, July 13, 2011


One touch says it all. Cohen was playing soccer and got in "trouble" for playing with another little boy instead of playing soccer. I was ok with that but apparently the coach didn't like it. He had to come and sit next to me for a break. I didn't know Ron was taking this picture. He was behind us and took the picture of me holding Cohen's hand. This picture means a lot to me and I will tell you why.
I have SPD. Sensory Processing Disorder. I have a hard time with light touch. I worry often that I am scarring my children by constantly telling them not to touch me or removing their hand/foot off of me. I worry that when Cohen was falling asleep trying to run his fingers softly up and down my arm, I turned him away. When I am reading stories I panic when the kids are surrounding me and touching me. So this picture to me is a relief. I don't even notice how often we touch. I hug easily and kiss so that isn't a problem. It is the light touch. So thank you to my husband for giving me this gift.

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