Monday, September 12, 2011

Moments in Time


As I was signing into my account I hear a muffled cry. I look at my children and count. Ok one is missing. Callum. I follow the cry and realize that my little 2.5 year old is standing on the porch trying to get IN! I had just brought the dog out and didn't notice my little guy escape. Thankfully, he wouldn't want to venture out to the road. It only takes a second, doesn't it? A fluttering butterfly followed onto the road. A toy run after. Searching for airplanes flying high. In one instant, I could be one less.

A 3yo boy was abducted in British Columbia. He was gone an agonizingly few days. Scores of people searched for this missing boy in hopes of finding him safe. Guess what. He was brought back. Back into the arms of his terrified and grateful parents.

Moments like these help me not take them for granted. Messy hands. Sticky faces. Muddy boot prints across our carpet. Hearing momma for the thousandth time in a minute. Whining about a sibling. These are all moments to be cherished. Most of my life I am with my family. I know that when they are grown I will not have any regrets on how much time I spent with them. Sure from day to day I picture a big, yellow automobile to pull up in front of my house and load them up for the day! 6 glorious hours for cleaning, quilting, reading and SLEEPING!!! Most days though, I feel so grateful and thankful that I GET to spend my days with my giggling, arguing, fascinating children. Really, life can't get much better than this!

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