Monday, January 23, 2012

The Appointment

The appointment. OH the appointment.

We had an appointment with a Ped for Cohen. The first on the list was vaccinating. Why don't we vaccinate. I am an irresponsible parent who needs to be protecting her children. Apparently that isn't what I was already doing. I expect this disagreement when I go to the doctors. I smile and nod. There is no need to argue with a doctor about vaccinations.

To be honest, I wouldn't mind vaccinating for some diseases. I have asked Ron to research and we will come to a decision together. If doctors would admit that there are sometimes severe adverse reactions then we wouldn't be as hesitant. It gets covered up and Voila! No proof. I have read enough stories to confirm that it does happen. Just admit it.

Next came eating. Cohen has a hard time with many foods. He eats very healthy foods and is constantly adding new foods. We never make our children eat something they don't like. 5 of our children are wonderful eaters. We have one who gags over most foods. As a parent I feel it is important to respect your children and work around things. Obviously the doctor felt differently. He needs protein he says. He is shorter than most kids his age and lighter than most kids his age. Woopdeedoo. Ron was the same way. His name was Scrawney Ronnie. Cohen eats eggs, peanut butter and GASP chicken nuggets. I even suggested getting a protein powder to put in the smoothies and he said NO. You are his mother and you need to sit and make him eat REAL food. It just gets better and better, doesn't it?

AND the grand finale.....Are you ready for it? He acts like this because he is UNSOCIALIZED! He needs to be in school so he can learn how to socialize properly. This is when I got mad. I am very confident with our homeschooling. There are field trips once a month that he is a part of, play dates, park day, Sunday school, his siblings...PLEASE! If he was any MORE socialized he would need naps from being too tired! He thinks kids should be around other kids their own age. OH so my children shouldn't be talking to adults, no babies, no teenagers. He says that they shouldn't be learning their activities from someone who would be say 14 because of the way 14 year olds act! Well, he obviously hasn't met the 14 year olds I know. I would be proud to have my son act like the teenagers he knows. The 14 year olds I know play with children, respect and love their parents, are parts of church youth groups, have intelligent conversations with adults, are happy, well-rounded people who are amazing at giving good examples. So please don't tell me it isn't healthy for my children to be around a 14 year old.

By this point I am saying Thank you for your time. So as a homeschooling, non-vaxing, co-sleeping, gentle discipline and no Crying It Out mom, I sure have my mountains to climb! Isn't that what we should be doing though? Fighting for our children to be the best we can be for them. Fighting for their minds, their hearts and their integrity. Fighting every doctor, uneducated people for what we believe in? I feel this is what is best for my children so I do it!

Of course I prefer to not fight and stand back but when it is needed, well, that is what I am here for.

One picture is at Christmas with the kids. They are all in the PJ's I made them.

Another picture is of our Hadley Jude.

The other is Reagan in her bed with the quilt I made her. I tell her that she is surrounded in my love. She is. <3


Mar said...

Oh, Neely! You need to fire your doctor RIGHT NOW. He is ignorant, misinfomred and disrespectful. I can't believe he said the thing about socialization...OMG. What a nut ball. He is just WRONG. Oh, and since when are eggs, PB and smoothies not food? Sounds like a great diet to me! I know that you guys eat healthy...don't worry about what your "doctor" says. You are doing a fabulous job with all of them. All the kids look healthy and beautiful. And the quilt is gorgeous too!

Julie said...

Are there no other docs in your town? That one sounds just awful! I have been threatened by a ped to be turned into CPS for not vaccinating on the grounds of child neglect. That was the last time we were in that office!