Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dancing to Mozart

Yes, we unschool.  I have started going to Charlotte Mason meetings for ideas.  A lot of people think that unschooling is completely letting your child lead and leaving them to their own devices.  This is not true.  Unschooling (or life learning if you want more of a positives spin) means something different to different people.  To us it means not doing any schooling that the kids don't enjoy.  This means that we search high and low to get information into our children.  We very rarely use a text book.  Really the only text book we have is for Math and like I said before, the kids ask to "play" math.  Geography and History are done through reading.  Science is nature and books.  We do the odd experiment too.  We do a tonne of reading from all kinds of books.  Since going to the meetings I have gotten ideas to try with them.  They now have some copy work.  This is quite fun actually.  I write out a sentence and they copy it.  Sometimes I write that they have the best mom ever.  Sometimes I can write that my daughter Ricky is amazing.  These little comments make them smile and this makes me smile. It is those moments that I love.  The creativity and the little bits of love I can throw into their day.  Charlotte Mason believes in studying music, art and living books.  I don't have the exact same philosophy but these women are such a wealth of knowledge and I do take their advice.  We have fun with it.  We look through art books and talk about the work.  We read really good books.  Here in these pictures we are dancing to Mozart.  I turned up a video on the computer and we danced around the kitchen.  We got some CD's from the library and play those while we read stories about Mozart.  I absolutely love how much we have fun with learning!  I am so thankful for the lives we lead.

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Garden Tenders/Kim said...

Hello! I happened upon your blog and wanted to say hello. We homeschool (unschool leanings) as well. I am now following you.

Have a great day.