Monday, December 31, 2012

Oh my goodness!  I have so many pictures to share.  I will write now and the next time I post I will post some pictures.
So what has been happening in our lives?
We are still selling our house.  Because of the holidays it has kind of been put on hold.  We haven't had any calls and quite frankly we wouldn't have been ready!  Our Christmas decorations have been put away and we are just finishing up with tidying.  Hopefully we will get some calls now that the holidays are over.
Not much happening with the kids.  We have taken a break for the past couple of weeks.  Cohen is done his BOB books and on to Dr. Seuss now.  Proud little man.   We are reading The Bobbsey Twins books and enjoying that.  We are also reading Rudyard Kipling.  We found a quaint little rare book store and have started a collection of old, classic books.  I have definitely found a new passion!
The kids are all in hockey.  It is a program that kids can go and skate for free and are given all of the equipment as a loan.  We have to drive 45 min to get there for 8am!  And yet, we love it.  I love to see their little smiles behind their helmets.  The first week was a disaster!  From crying kids to not getting on the ice in time to skate (so much to put on them) and then the second week I got whacked in the head with a hockey stick when Amelie fell and my coffee went all over my head.  The third week we ended up in a dressing room with a bunch of 20 something's (guys) in their underwear.  And we STILL go.  Yes, we love our children.
Christmas was good.  No one got sick so that is great!  It was busy like every year and now is our time to relax together and regroup as a family.
Tonight is New Years Eve and I am going to spend that with my husband watching a movie.
I am so blessed.


Alexandra DK said...

I was wondering what was happening with your house!
Happy New Year, miss you tons!

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