Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!!

WOW! We have been a very busy family!
I have started a homeschooling outing group. It has grown from just our family to 28 families. It takes very little time to organize yet it is so much fun! The first outing was at Ojibway Park. The second outing was the fire station. This last outing was at a bakery/farm. The families really seemed to enjoy it! I think the farmer was surprised to see 20 families attend.
I am volunteering for the Special Olympics. This means that every Tues night I help. They have made me a coach for Bochi Ball. This is for the lower functioning people (which I wanted) They have made me feel really welcome :)
We have started our photography business taking pictures of children/people with special needs. I have done a few families and really enjoyed it.
We have been doing school here and there. We are not the type of family to do things on a schedule. Amelie and Ricky did a few lessons in Math today which was nice. They are both pretty good at it.
Cohen is really coming along. We actually had his worker tell us that homeschooling is what is best for him. SHE WORKS FOR THE GOVERNMENT!! It was shocking coming from her but very welcome. She helps Cohen with his understanding and language. He is a tad behind.
Reagan is starting to talk. OH BOY! another talker. Now we have 4 little munchkins chatting our ears off.
Callum is a fun little fat baby. He still doesn't do much yet. lol
I will post pictures shortly. I really want to start blogging more. It is a diary of our lives :)

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