Thursday, August 27, 2009

Grocery Store Outing

Hmmm..what has been happening?

Ron got a job. It is an ok job that he does not enjoy. It is very long days lifting heavy furniture.

We went to another homeschooling outing. It was at the grocery store.
They made pizza and cupcakes and then made their way down to the store to learn about all of the different departments.

It isn't so much about what they learn. I love to see them together and loving every minute of it.

I love to see my children play with babies and then turn around and talk to adults. After that they may talk to a teenager and then play with someone their own age.

Did I mention I LOVE homeschooling? I am so grateful that we have chosen this path in our life!

The pics: Amelie is just being sweet Amelie. Cohen is eating his cupcake he made. Look at Ricky's mountain of frosting! If she could have made it to the ceiling, she would have.

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ninarachel621 said...

aww idk why but they remind me of the kids from john and kate plus eight. they're adorable! =]