Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our Poor Ricky

Ricky was playing outside with a bright green caterpillar. She suddenly runs into the house crying. The caterpillar stuck its fur into her hand. It took us 2 hours to pull out each hair with tweezers, all the while she is crying because it is burning. She also let this caterpillar crawl on her belly. The next morning she woke up with this rash. It turned out that this was a stinging caterpillar that had venom in its fur. Isn't that fun. But wait, it isn't over!
Then she runs up to Ron with a handful of these delicious looking berries. The next day I am on facebook and another mom I know has pictures of her daughter in the hospital. It so happens that she has eaten berries from a Yew bush. The hospital told her to rush her daughter in within an hour or her daughter would be dead. One or two of these fatal berries can stop a beating heart. I am looking at the pictures on facebook of these berries and Ron says they look familiar. Ricky had just brought him a bunch of these. Ricky brings us outside to show us where she gathered them. Right off of our front porch! Two whole bushes of them. I am SHOCKED that in three years none of our children have eaten these! Not done yet.
Ricky is playing hockey outside and gets whacked in the forehead with a stick. This leaves a big bruise in the center of her face. One more.
She continues to play and shortly after is stung by a bee. Of course! So we put some natural ointment on it that we got at the bee farm the day before. It was perfect that we had a bee that we found for her to take the stinger out. It was therapeutic I think.
We have decided to keep her in a bubble from now on!

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Alex said...

oh no...poor thing..hope she feels better soon from her rash. a bubble sounds pretty good right now!