Sunday, October 25, 2009

Here is a quick look at how we spend out days.
Ron was making coffee and 4 out of 5 children went to grab chairs so they could watch how to make it. This is HUGE and I will tell you why. Last year I was making coffee somewhere and I didn't realize that you had to pour the water in the top. I left it sitting in the pot while I waited for it to brew. So at the very least my children will know how to make coffee ;) haha
I was sitting in the living room and looked over at my children. I went to grab the camera. Here they were sitting together playing music. They were scribbling on the doodle, rolling a plastic bus, shaking the abacus and hitting two pieces of chalk together for sound. Off to the side are Reagan and Callum hugging. I wish I had a camera built into my eyes so I could record our days minute by minute. (minus me stressed out or overwhelmed! lol) The tape would be full FULL of kids overflowing with wonder and curiosity. Not only are they thinking but they are acting on it. I think soon I am going to go through our day with our camera and capture a day in the life of... Again minus mom getting frustrated. Hmm..maybe that would add flavor :) We'll see!


Our Pace said...

Way to go!!! I think we might be following your footsteps! A friend of mine today told me that maybe I should put my kids in school. My answer was "NO WAY!" We may not be doing curriculum at the moment but they are still getting more at home. I wanted to say "I'd have to be desperate before deciding to send them to school". Thanks for helping us out and letting me borrow a book to find our way through our homeschool experience.
P.S. New look to your blog? Nice!!

Neely said...

Thanks Sheri! I end up changing the look with the way I am feeling. I thought green felt natural :)
The thought of putting my children in school makes me feel sick. It isn't going to happen!

Joie said...

I love it! Your home looks like mine everyday too (well, you have 4 extra children) but still it is all the same! I am always stumbling across my children throughout the day readily learning all on their own, and very happily.
Thanks for stopping by!!!

SAHMinIL said...

There is technology in the works that would allow us to hold our hands up in the "picture sign" and will automatically take a picture of what we are looking at. Or you can draw a circle on your hand and see a clock. Or you can be looking at your plane ticket and get the latest flight info. I did about about this on my blog.

With that said, I'm so glad your kids are learning how to make coffee. That in my opinion is a must know!!! Also it looks like it was a fun and productive day!!