Saturday, June 12, 2010

Why worry?

So I am a worry parent. I worry about my children. I worry about finances. I worry about what people think. I worry I worry I worry. I think I take after my grandma in that way.
This is Ricky. She is my second oldest. She is quiet and tends to keep to herself. She is not really interested in math or science. (She does like gooey things in her hands if that counts) I find with unschooling you have to be ok with ALL of your children's learning styles. My oldest daughter is very academic. Loves math. Loves reading. She is quick and understands concepts well past her age. I have worried that Ricky doesn't have the want to learn. The yearning to learn new things. Who am I kidding here? She has a lot of interests. They just don't fit in with the societal mold of what is important to know. This beautiful child of mine is so very artistic. She loves design and she loves art. She is very precise when she creates her art. Dancing in pretty flowing skirts is her all time favorite. Always has been. This sweet girl has the biggest heart I have ever seen. If a sibling fall or is hurt she is right there to console with a concerned face. If a child is crying for something she has she is more than happy to hand it over to make them smile. What is really more important in life? I have learned my answer from my 6yo daughter. Love, compassion, passion, giggles, emotion, yearning to learn and being yourself. If I were Ricky, I would definitely love myself too!

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~Leslie said...

I think it's great that you know each of your children so well. (There are so many parents who don't!) That you can see the differences in them and create space for them to grow and flourish!

Ricky sounds like an amazing little girl. She's such a great addition to our world!

[I must remember not to worry so much, too! :D]