Thursday, July 29, 2010

I lost our 4yo son today. Time inched by as I searched for him.
We went to homeschool park day so we had plenty of friends around. I started to watch for him on the equipment and noticed he wasn't there. It is a large play area. I wasn't worried for the first minute because there is a smaller park area next to the large one. I went there and he wasn't there. I went to the large pavilion picking up speed. There was a daycare eating lunch there. Cohen could have easily slipped in there and started eating someones lunch. Not there. There is a fenced in swimming pool that I looked over :( and then alerted my friends that he was missing. This is when I started crying. It had been at least 8 minutes. I started yelling his name and moving quick. He isn't fully aware to not run in traffic and the pool was right there. Did someone take him? Is he crying alone for me? I had to push those thoughts from my mind and keep searching. All this time I have no idea if someone else is watching my other children (I was guessing they were) because my mind was solely on finding my little boy. I remember crying and saying I can't find him. Then another mom I didn't know said he was in the girls washroom. She said he was telling her his life story as he went poop. That sounded like my Cohen. I rushed in and there he was pooping away without a worry. You know how parents get mad at their children for taking off? That didn't even cross my mind. The only thing I wanted to do was scoop him up in my arms and kiss him and hug him and be as close to him as possible and never let go. I did have to wait for him to finish because he takes FOREVER but I got my chance. This was a reminder for me to not stress about the insignificant things in life. AND to hug them more than I already do.


~Leslie said...

Oh thank God!! As I read your first line panic raced through me!!! So glad everything was fine. I will take this as my personal reminder and go hug mine right now!!

Alex said...

That was scary this morning..I am so glad everything worked out. There were a lot of kids today at the park!
((hug)) (thanks for the hug you gave me, I needed that)

Katie V. said...

Oh wow, I am new to your blog, I don't even remember how I found it. Probably another unschooling blog. I just had to comment and say that I am so happy everything worked out. It must have been so awful.

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


I totally feel your pain. It is amazing the amount of crazy thoughts that start running through your head, how you become concentrated on where that ONE child is (caring about but not worrying about the other children), and yelling your child's name at the top of your lungs while running around looking for them and crying doesn't seem like such an embarrassing thought anymore.

I’m glad he is okay and I hope you are too. Thank God that you got another little hug.