Friday, July 23, 2010

What would society think?

Do you ever feel the need to go? Head on out into the woods into seclusion? Growing up I have always wanted to fit in. I wouldn't wear an article of clothing if it was not in fashion. Even if I liked it. Don't get me wrong. I wasn't into brand names either but I did worry about what others thought. Since having children I have found a whole new idea of what is important in life and clothes doesn't even make it on the radar. Sure we need clothing for protection from weather and to feel comfortable. Clothing is also a way of segregating people. People that shop at high end stores are better. They can afford the clothing. High end clothing means high end people. People are judged by what they wear. Plain and simple.

Why can't we be judged on how kind we are? By how much we volunteer? By who opens doors and who pays for the next person in line at Tim Hortons, just because. I have 5 creative children who often choose what they want to wear, how they wear their hair and what they wear on their feet. They have been seen in the supermarket with rubber boots on a sunny day, winter sweaters during spring and holding umbrellas in the snow. Does it really matter? Is it really that important to follow society? I enjoy seeing the stripes and spots together and the pink and red and yellow and green and purple and brown strewn across my children in creative twists and creative places. Do I really want to squash their individuality? I believe the pictures here show you my answer.

We have also been known to get wet, fully clothed. Not only do we like to get wet but we like mud and sand and dirt and bugs and leaves and muck and and and... And guess what we love even more than that! Getting naked after! They strip down and we toss them into the van. This makes for some fun memories and pictures. :)
Run, play, get dirty, be yourselves and thrive.


Rana said...

Stopping by from Leslie's blog Home Grown Love. I love this post. My kiddos are the same way. I let them pick what they want too and when we go out I get some interesting looks. I just smile and think "Yeah they are their own person." I love it.
Following you now! Have a great weekend.

Neely said...

It is nice to see other parents allowing their children to be individuals. It sometimes feels like we are the only ones out here!
I am on my way to check out your blog ;)

~Leslie said...

Interesting what you said about clothing. I grew up the same way--without the name brands, but still concerned about what others thought. I soooo do not want that for my children. They totally dress themselves. I sometimes set some perimeters for certain outings but for the most part we roll how every they feel. Heck, I roll how I feel. I'm finally wearing things that I love, second-hand mainly, but piece that speak about me! Why burden them down with all the mess we've had to live through!

It's good to see that there are others who are growing kids in the same way. Isn't our world gonna be an awesome place?!! :D