Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First: Happy Anniversary to my awesome husband! 9 years today. :)

I was really wanting to watch a cheesy, highschool movie and the stores here in town didn't have it. I went to a nearby town to get it. (The Last Song) I was watching it later on at night and it stopped close to the end. I can't stand DVD's. Can we get VHS's back? So anyways, the next day I called the store and asked them if they had another copy. When I got into the store there was an older man (say 60's) behind the counter. He had the movie ready for me and handed it over. He asked me if I would be bringing the movie back that night. I explained that I may not be able to because I had plans that evening. He literally tilted his head down and looked at me over his glasses. Are you serious? So this brought back my teenage years. It brought back the awkwardness and frustration the adults brought me. Just because of my age I was suspicious and looked down upon. We live in a society where the young AND old are not respected. Children have no say. They are placed in an institution and made to stay there. It sounds eerily familiar as they grow old. They will be placed in a nursing home without a say. Why do we place all of our respect to the middle aged? I am hopefully raising my children to respect the elderly as well as the young.
I try very hard to respect my children and not fall into what society feels is right. They are little people with thoughts and feelings. This is a reminder to not look over my glasses at my children when they tell me something just because they are children.
They will be respected, loved and honored just as I hope I will be respected, loved and honored as I grow old. Isn't that the way it should be?

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