Sunday, August 29, 2010

A million emotions at the fair

We went to the fair last night. I heard that the prices were ridiculous. They were. One of the downsides to having 5 children is money. Taking that many children to the fair is either a fortune or the kids miss out on rides, games and treats. I was considering not taking them but they were SO excited I didn't want to disappoint them. I prayed while going in because I didn't want my children to feel like they were missing out.
We had $35 to spend. Yikes! $10 of this was just getting in. How were we going to do this?
We got enough tickets for them to be able to go on one ride each.
Reagan chose a kiddie car ride. The guy working the ride allowed Cohen to go on with her for free so she didn't get scared. So two kids for the price of one! We then headed over to this climbing rope maze because that was Ricky's pick. It was only 3 tickets instead of 4 so Amelie got to go through with her. This was working out wonderfully! We then head over to the bumper cars because that was Cohen and Amelie's pick. We had enough to let Ricky go on too! I was actually praying in the line that they would allow me to go on for free with Cohen so that he could drive himself. I mean, what is the difference if the car is being used anyways, right? Wrong! They had so.many.rules regarding safety that Ricky couldn't go on.
Cohen had to be tall enough to go on the cars. He was. BUT he had to go on with someone taller than the next line. Amelie had to be taller than the highest line. She was. So Cohen and Amelie went in the same car. Ricky wasn't taller than the tallest line and didn't have someone taller to go with. :( He wouldn't let me on with her without tickets (because we all know how much adults get out of this ride!) Grrrrr! I was SO MAD! Ricky was bawling and I felt awful for her.
We had 4 tickets for her still so she chose to go on a roller coaster (a smaller one) Now I am terrified of rides (heights) so my stomach was in my throat watching Amelie and Ricky on it. (He let Amelie for free to go on with Ricky) They were trying to smile when they went by but they were terrified. (So was I just watching them)
Well while the girls are on this ride (shudder) this wonderful man allowed Reagan and Cohen to go in the jumping castle. We only paid for Reagan and he told Cohen to get in too. When the girls were done their ride he opened up the jumping castle and told them to get in too! By this time I am holding back tears. They had a great time in there. I told him thank you because the kids couldn't go on many rides. He said he likes to let kids on for free especially when he sees big families. Was that an answer from God? I think so.
Just before we left we bought a bag of cotton candy. We sat in a circle on the grass and ate our chunk of it. The feel would have been completely different if they all had their own bag.
We have such a close and together family full of love. I love my life!


Alex said...

I feel that my children appreciate more what they do have, or what they get to do, because these things/activities don't happen all the time.
I am glad to hear you had a great time at the fair!

Redifer said...

Sounds like our experience with the Erie County Fair. We were pretty much flat broke, got $20 in tickets to split between 2 kids, only to find out my 3 year old (who's only 4 inches shorter than her 6 year old sister) wasn't tall enough for ANYTHING except the funhouse. We couldn't afford for me to ride with her for anything and still have tickets left for my 6 year old. We ended up riding the Ferris wheel, grabbing cotton candy, and heading home.

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Sue Z said...

I just surfed into your blog ... but enjoyed it immensely. My husband was one of 11 children and he has such fond memories of his dad bringing home a hershey bar on pay day and each child getting a little square. Or a Tablespoon of ice cream out of the half gallon. As parents we want to give our children so much .... and as a result many give their kids TOO much. You're giving your's love, caring and a warm loving family. That sounds about right to me. :)