Friday, October 15, 2010

I am at a loss. I have always been able to reason with my children. I respect them...except for one. I have this 3 year old that is impossible. The tantrums, screaming and crying is enough to drive someone mad. For every.little.thing she throws herself on the floor and has an all out battle with whatever object is around. She turns angry and is irrational. Do I think this is her fault? No. If I dig deep enough I will see that I haven't been fair with this little one. She is fire all on her own but I haven't dealt with it in the best way. I get busy with her other siblings and I have not taken the time to figure her out and help her. I think at this point I hold a grudge. I mean she is so incredibly irritating that I just want to put her in a relax time and be done with it. I want to punish her and make her stop. This is not the way I want to parent. I want to be there with loving arms and help her. I want to be her rock instead of her mountain. From this moment forward I am going to try harder with her and give her special attention to form a stronger bond with this little fireball. :)


~Leslie said...

wow. reading this is like EXACTLY how i've been feeling about my 7yo. the difference is she's my eldest and has been with me the longest. i feel like i've been pouring into her and am not seeing any return.

(deep sigh)

i want better for both of us. praying for you as i pray for myself! :D

glad to know i'm not alone in this either! xo!

Neely said...

Oh Leslie,
I have been thinking about you lately. I saw your letter from getting those books and smiled.