Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You must wonder what we are doing. At least, I like to think you are. ;)

The kids have been doing wonderful.

Amelie has been reading Magic Tree House as much as she can. I really should write down which ones she has so we can get more! She can tell time now. For some reason this took a while to click with her. She is so quick to catch on to everything but telling time was a toughie.

Ricky loves to draw and write what is happening in the pictures. She continues to comfort any who need it. She still likes to be on her own when out at the park. I see her exploring and really looking into things when she is alone. Ricky also has no problem interacting but prefers being on her own.

Cohen is well...Cohen. Saying a tonne of really sweet, funny things. I think he may be noticing personal space now. One can only hope! lol. He has been playing a lot of make believe with Reagan. His favorite book right now is This Rocket. THANK GOODNESS it is short because he wants to hear it daily.

Reagan...read the post below. Seriously though, she has calmed down the last couple of days. OH and she has decided to wear underwear and not have accidents. Have you ever heard of a parent who tries to keep a diaper on their child and that child demand to take it off and use the toilet successfully. I was literally trying NOT to potty train her until I wasn't sick. Yes, I hate the words potty train. She isn't a dog but I don't have the brain capacity to think of something better at the moment. Her and Cohen have library time on Tuesdays and they enjoy the special time with mom or dad.

Callum is starting to talk more now. Sure no one else understands him but he tries. ;)
He has good naps and is very easy going. He is really starting to like books much to my chagrin at the moment. I mean, you can only say BEAR and point so many times! BUT I do do it because a love of books is important to us.

Ron is moving on to day/afternoon shift work. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I can have my husband back from midnights!
We are looking for a van with 8 passengers. That should be fun.
I felt flutters yesterday so little brazilian nut (that is apparently the size of baby) is doing well.

I have been quilting and I am hoping for a new sewing machine soon.


Our Pace said...

Things are going well for you guys all around. That is wonderful news!

Kathleen said...

Hey there! I enjoyed reading your update. I love when you start to feel the flutters. It's great that you're all doing well. :)