Monday, November 29, 2010


It looks like I will be blogging again!

1st reason is I am not sick anymore. YAY!

2nd reason I have realized that I can still upload pictures on here.

A lot of normal family things have happened in the last month. Halloween, Track and Field Outing, Vet Outing, Park days, time in the forest, walks, laughter, crying and noise.

We took our annual pictures in the local forest and there is one of them. I always feel the closest to my family when we are alone in nature.
The second picture is of Ricky at the apple farm. We all went and had a good time but I especially liked this genuine smile.
The third picture is of the Track and Field Outing. They had races, long jump, frisbee throwing and much more. We then went down to the cold beach and made sandcastles.

Right now we are going to the homeschool co-op and learning about explorers, exploring under the sea and space. This is more for the kids to have a good time than it is for educational purposes.

I am really enjoying our family dynamic. I love how the kids play nicely (at times) with one another. Amelie can play with Ricky or Reagan or Callum ... you get the idea. They play with different kids every day and I like to see that. I hope this is what is to come as they grow together.

I have been working on my dads quilt. It is almost pieced together and then the quilting will begin.

Christmas is fast approaching. We are much more ready this year. Of course we are not finished with presents but we also have 3 birthdays in December so we are concentrating on those as well.

We have been a family. A normal family who giggles, whines, argues, plays jokes, games and is pretty much always together. Just the way we like it.

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~Leslie said...

1. that you're NO longer sick. so glad for you!

2. that you've been doing is well.

looking forward to reading more about what's happening with you and yours. hope you have a wonderful month. :D