Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I love evenings like these

Evenings when Ron is home. When he is playful and fun. When we are gathered around the dinner table laughing and joking. When we have pie for dessert. When I get a nap. When we read together and enjoy each other. When we say prayers. When they are healthy and happy. I love evenings like these.

I am very anxious for Spring to arrive. We have a small house so when the kids need to burn some energy it can get loud in here. I feel bad constantly telling them Shhhh.

Today it was raining. Melting the snow away. I just can't wait to see the kids outside in the sun collecting bugs and flowers for their mom. Jumping in puddles and making mud pies. Screaming and running around the yard. Vitamin D.

I find that when I am either pregnant or during the Winter I feel guilty. Don't get me wrong, I love homeschooling and don't even a little bit want to send them to school. Not even a tiny bit on the worst days. I just feel bad because they are locked inside with a hormonal mom. haha
When they are outside on a sunny day all the guilt fades. I see my children in a new light. On any given day my children are happy and thriving. Which is amazing being inside for so long. They do get out but not nearly as much as spring, summer or fall. I NEVER hear the words, "I am bored." Never. To be honest, I am not sure why. I am not one to constantly having them do activities. I don't lay out art projects with details on how to do them. I very rarely bake and include them. Our days pretty much consist of them doing their own thing. Amelie is one to write stories, sew, make comics, make up experiments or inventions. Ricky and Cohen enjoy playing with each other. Make believe, playing with toys and just plain having fun. Reagan and Callum like to play but not so much with each other yet. Roo can be dominating. I have noticed recently that Cohen and Callum are playing together. It is nice to see.
The main thing that I need to work on as a parent is getting more involved with them at a playing level. I read a million books a day, I snuggle and I take care of them. What I don't do is play. I want to train myself to like it. I really do. It is hard to get involved when they are so independent. They don't approach me and ask what they can do. Now if I notice they are bothering each other I take the cue and set the box of legos out and let them build. An activity. I feel that I need to get on their level more. That is my biggest struggle.
I will be posting more pictures again soon. Ron has to clear the camera so I can snap away again.
Night all!

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annalou said...

Try reading "playful parenting" by Lawrence Cohen its a fantastic read and great with ideas.