Sunday, April 3, 2011

We are switching computers tomorrow so pictures will be posted. Yay!

So I went to a homeschooling conference this past weekend. It felt good to get away and enjoy some me time. I went with some girlfriends and slept out. It was definitely refreshing!

I want to write a post about a seminar I attended while there. This isn't the time. It moved me so much that I feel completely changed. I am looking at life differently and looking at who is in my life differently. Before I went I was feeling worn out, annoyed and watching the time and waiting for bedtime. Sure I am pregnant and I was sick but it was more the negative feelings. Lets face it. Parenting is exhausting not only physically but emotionally. This speaker hit me to my core.
I may not post about the details at this time but I will send you to her blog and tell you the name of her book. You will not be disappointed.
The blog is and her book is called One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.
I sat there enthralled and crying. I was among many.

Now I am home and enjoying my children once again. Yes it is quite possible to enjoy our children when 33 wks pregnant. It is still possible to enjoy children when your body aches and all you want to do is close your eyes and not wake up for a week. It is still possible to enjoy children when you are weary and unsure. Just look at them. How could you not?

I am heading off to sleep now. I want to enjoy my children in the morning. :)

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Cindy said...

It was truly amazing Neely. I am changed.