Sunday, June 5, 2011

Miss Hadley arrives!

Meet Hadley Jude! She was born on May 24th at a whopping 10lbs. This "little" person is the reason why I haven't been posting as regularly. First the morning sickness, then the pain from carrying a 6th baby and now she is here. Need I explain why I wouldn't have time to post now? lol. Hadley is the last to grace our family. I feel so incredibly blessed to have our 6 children and our wonderful marriage.
Birth Story:
At 4am I called the midwife because I was having contractions 4-5 min apart but only 15 min in length. I know myself so called. She told me to hold off (snicker) and see what happens. It is early labour. A half hour later I called again and they were 1 min in length. She said to meet her at the hospital. We called my mom and she left with my dad to meet us there. My brother Kaille came to watch the kids. Half way there I yelled for Ron to call an ambulance because I felt pressure. We pulled over and I hopped in the ambulance. (I don't need to go into details about peeing on the side of the intersection or hugging the paramedic and biting Ron during a particularly strong contraction. (Snicker again) Horrible ride with bumps and me yelling at the male attendant to rub my back and hold my hand. I get there and I am 8-9cm dilated. At this point I am crying for an epidural. I know that I could have had her easily but I had such fear from Cohen's birth going natural that I wasn't allowing it to happen. I was laying on the bed and vocalizing through the contractions. They were right on top of each other for a while. Part of me thinks I should have just stood up and given birth but I didn't. I ended up with the epi (heaven) and I relaxed. The neat part about the birth is she birthed herself. I didn't have to push. She literally came out on her own. She would come out a bit...go back in a bit. Apparently it was pretty amazing to watch.
She is another easy baby. (Thank goodness) Of course she wakes through the night and doesn't always go back to sleep for a while but she is calm and content.
She fits so nicely into our family. You can tell we were made for each other!


Alex said...

she is so wonderful. ♥

lunette de soleil said...

so cute,little

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your newest addition :)