Thursday, April 28, 2011


This Easter morning I felt very grateful. I had 5 young children excitedly rushing out to see what the Easter Bunny brought. First they gather at the doorway so they can come out together. Usually this involves Ron getting his coffee and camera ready and the kids busting at the seams. They gather jelly beans leading from each of their beds on the floor. This is how they know the bunny came of course! You can see Reagan here gathering hers up. She is a little Ricky. She meticulously collects each and every one and sneaks them throughout the morning. The Easter Bunny brings things like cheese strings, juice boxes, raisins and yogurt drinks. Our children are very excited by this because they never get pre-packaged foods. They usually get a whole jar of applesauce that they then get in bowls. Cheese is cut. Raisins are bought in bulk. They also got some chocolate eggs in their baskets and searched the house for more.
I love holidays with them. It reminds me of how close we are. It is tradition. I love to look over at my husband and him look back at me and we smile. Memories. I don't look forward to the day that we all sleep in or when they are gone. I treasure these times and never want them to end.
We also watch the Easter Story about Jesus dying on the cross and what that means for us and all. We go to church and then head on over to grandma and grandpa's where they spoil them with chocolate and candy.
We are very lucky to have family and love.

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