Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Still here...

Hello all,
We are just figuring out how to put pictures onto our computer.  Yes, this is our life.  Things take a long time.  The important things get done.
The kids are in soccer again.  I can't wait to post pictures of it.  They are all doing so well and enjoying themselves.  Callum is the new soccer guy in the family.  He takes it quite seriously.  He is now sleeping through the night and staying dry.  People say that we will miss the diaper stage but I don't believe we will.  It has been 9.5 yrs in diapers for us and 8 yrs with 2 in diapers.  We are ready.  Hadley Jude is the last little peanut.
You worry and worry and worry that they won't potty train, that they won't sleep through the night, that they will be ruined by your frustrations.  You worry about what they eat and how they behave.  Will they read and know their letters?  How is their socialization?  I am not worried about how they socialize but I am more worried about how they will be perceived by other kids in a town that is schooled.  Lets face it, we are watched.  Kids in school do have a different way of being.  It isn't bad, just different.  They learn pretty quickly what is ok and what is not in the socialization circle of life.  It is not ok for another kid to come up and tell them what they are saying is wrong.  I taught Amelie this this month.  When kids are using inappropriate language they don't need to be told.  Yes I am happy that my child is not following suit but I also don't want her targeted.   I have taught her to just walk away and play with someone else.  I would much rather navigate through this than the alternative.  So I worry about that.  I have to remind myself that they all talk, walk, use the toilet, sleep through the night, lose the soother, are healthy and happy.  It all happens and they are great.  I need to focus on being grateful more than worry.  I have been telling myself this for 9 years.  Hopefully I will listen soon.

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