Saturday, June 16, 2012

They're getting more veggies kids!!! :)

I am feeling very blessed.  Look at these amazing children!  The first few pictures are of a pond at our park.  Well it is really a field that flooded but whatever.  Thousands and thousands of toads were mating about a month ago and our kids found them.  To the excitement of the toads I am sure ;)  the kids had a blast.  Yes we came home with muddy clothes and slimy hands but oh what a wonderful time we had!  Amelie wanted a picture of herself kissing a toad and then make it seem like the toad turned into Cohen.  Then we have Ricky with a toad, Reagan holding out a toad to show us, Hadley being cute in a swing and Callum being a soccer star.  I haven't worked on pictures of Hadley and Callum in the pond so I put other pictures in.
When I look at my children and who they are becoming, I am so grateful for our decision to homeschool.  More and more I am noticing their differences and the benefits.  They are just really great kids.  I am their mom and moms say this, I know.  Thank God I listened to my heart and went against the naysayers and we raised our children the way they were meant to be raised.
Oh and YAY, I know how to upload pictures on this computer now.


Alex said...

Your children are beautiful! I miss them already. ♥

Our Pace said...

You have a beautiful family! I miss seeing all of you as well.