Monday, July 23, 2012


Seriously, what's the big deal?
Why is it so important for our children to finish everything on their plate?  It makes no sense to me.
Yesterday my daughter didn't want to finish her watermelon.  I told her that we would put it aside and if she wanted more it would be there.  I heard a comment that I let my children off the hook to easily.  What?  That's silly.  If I am eating and I begin to not enjoy what I am eating, I will give it over to someone else.  I don't not feel the need to finish.  Why do parents feel the need to control their children so much?  Will they grow up to not finish what is on their plate?  GASP!  Will they starve to death?  Please.  They need to finish what they start?  Why?  Because we as adults always do?  I have never made my children finish their food.  When they are done, they are done.  Not a big deal.  There are many more important things to worry about than if my daughter eats a few more bites of her watermelon.  Really, our children will not turn out to be non eating, filthy, non polite monsters if we don't control every little moment of their lives.  People amaze me.

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