Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Today we had a lovely homeschooling moment. I was sitting on the couch reading "100 Dresses" with the girls and they were folding laundry around me. We had some nice music on. Times like these make me feel so incredibly good about our homeschooling decision!
Look at this passionate face! That is the best word to describe Ricky. She is so passionate about everything that she does. I am going to make sure I follow that.


Rose Starr said...

What a true blessing moments like those are! And that pic is adorable :)

I just finished a book you might like. I'll blog about it soon. It's called Passionate Housewives Desperate For God (silly title) but it's a very good read and it really encouraged me.

Lanie said...

I'll bet you a buck that Ricky was "passionate" about tearing up that pile right after the picture! yUp, that is definitely a good work to describe her! Try to figure out when I can have her for the afternoon...