Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Roo is now 6 months

Roo is 6 months now. Just recently we brought her to the doctor's because she spits up A LOT! We were then sent to a ped because she hasn't gained as much as we would like. We have an appointment in a couple of weeks to see what her weight gain is then. The doctor said that her soft spot is still quite big and is worried about hypothyroidism. We went for blood work the next day. The nurse didn't want me to nurse while the blood was drawn in fear of her choking "eye roll here" I was adamant that I was breastfeeding so Reagan didn't cry at all. From now on this is what I am doing. She is MY child so it should be MY decision. It felt very good being assertive.
We had company yesterday. I want my children to play with others more often. In the summer they have sports so it isn't a problem. In the winter it is hard to get out of the house. So my house was crazy with other homeschooling families for a few hours but it was nice to see them having fun. Roo has a hard time with too much noise so she wasn't all too impressed.
Cohen is wearing his glasses pretty much all day now. It was so hard to get him to keep them on but lately he hasn't been taking them off. He is also really starting to use his words. I can't wait to sit and talk with my little guy!

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Rose Starr said...

Good for you! Poor Roo...nursing is probably the most comforting thing for her!

She is just adorable...I bet you cannot help but kiss her all day long :)

Glad you had friends over. How fun!