Thursday, March 27, 2008

What we've been up to

Ahh my long lost friends. I am sorry I have neglected you.
I haven't taken the camera out much lately so I don't post. I CAN STILL POST WITHOUT PICTURES.

Today we had a tea party. The Easter Bunny brought Organic Echinacea Tea for the kids with a letter to have a tea party. (I can't believe the Easter Bunny knew we like Organic!!) So we sat around the table and drank. Come to think of it we could have dressed up.
Ricky's birthday is coming up. We are all going to be wearing dresses..minus the men. They will be dressing up. Ricky is obsessed with clothes so we are surrounding her with them.
I am feeling blah..and Cohen's little head on my arm. hehe. I look outside at what would normally be beautiful snow but I am just TIRED of it! Enough already! I want the warm weather with the sun and flowers so we can go outside for longer than 5 minutes.
We have just finished reading 100 Dresses and are moving onto Johnny Appleseed. We are way ahead in our read alouds. We have to keep up with the Children's Encyclopedia and Poetry.
Reagan is growing like a weed. She is almost sitting up now. This will be easier for us because we won't have to constantly be holding her.
Cohen has been keeping his glasses on. NICE! He is also starting to say a lot more words. NICER!

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I hope you had a great Easter! From "Microsoap" at (the Intactivist forum).