Saturday, June 21, 2008

Conversation with the girls

I will be up and posting soon. I have been pretty sick. I have another couple of wks until I feel more like myself.

Yesterday I was eating dinner with the kids. Right now Amelie is learning about continents. Here is our conversation.

Me: Amelie, can you name me 3 continents?

Amelie: Antarctica, South America, North America.

Me: What is something special about Antarctica?

Amelie: It is at the bottom of the globe and is surrounded by oceans.

Me: Is it hot or cold there?

Amelie: Cold. It is cold because is is far away from the equator.

PHEW!! We haven't been doing much lately so this made me feel much better!

Ricky is learning our town name and street. You should see her eyes light up when I ask her. I am happy that I remember to ask her questions too because she feels so good when I do. She is one smart cookie.

Cohen has been talking much more now. I think Ron and I are pretty much the only ones who understand him. That's ok. It is nice to hear his words.
I am trying to get him to poop on the potty. The smell while changing his diaper is making me gag so hopefully he will start soon!

Reagan is a little bum. She is still her cranky self who loves bath time. Guess what I found in her diaper today! A BALLOON!! Remember those pics of the kids with water balloons. Well somehow a few got into the house. I found some and tossed them. Well I must have missed one. I didn't even know she swallowed it. That is why she was EXTRA cranky the past couple of days!!


christy said...

it's amazing the things kids will put in their mouths! at least it came out and there wasn't any major damage done. hope you get to feeling better soon.

Neely said...

Thank you! It is nice to see that a few are still reading. I took such a long break!