Friday, June 27, 2008

Obsessing? Me? No! haha

Ok. Here are a couple of pictures of Roo in the tub. Does her head look abnormal to you? It doesn't look strange to me unless her hair is wet like here.


Liane said...

I clicked from MDC--awww I hope the results from the ped come back ok! Her head does look a little large for her body, but I am by no means a doctor or anything. Does she have any other symptoms?

Lanie said...

Honestly, having wet hair really exaggerates her head shape. The average person obviously can't tell or else we would've noticed before now. Just wait and see what the doc's say...she's such a pretty little thing....just like her sisters. :)

Anonymous said...

She's a cutie! My son is still totally bald at 6 months. I'm jealous of all that gorgeous hair!

I pm'd you over on MDC. check it when you have a chance.