Thursday, July 17, 2008

Learning and Games

Look at your children. Really. Look at them and watch them throughout the day. I cannot believe how much they learn and WANT to learn. Take today for instance. This morning Amelie was playing with a game with different shapes. Then she took out this Dora Slides and Ladders. Her and I played a game and then Cohen and Amelie played with the players. When that was finished we read a book about different animals. Amelie chose kangaroos and spiders. Upon seeing how big a tarantula can be we decided to look it up with the tape measure. I should mention that Ron and Ricky went on a date to the chiropractor and then grocery shopping. Reagan was taking a nice long nap. Then Ron and the kids went and played in the pool for a couple of hours. I got to stay inside because Reagan had had enough and wanted her second nap. They are now stopping to eat and then I am going with Amelie and Ricky to the library to pick out some books and photocopy some lessons. We are then going for some ice-cream (Shhh) and then it will be bedtime. If I was not noticing all of those learning opportunities I would be worrying about how much they *aren't* learning. Hmmm. Do they actually learn on their own?

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