Monday, July 7, 2008

A Conscience

Amelie was sitting at the table the other day. Out of the blue she told me she has been having nightmares. I asked her what they were about. She was at the neighbour's house last wk and knocked over the little boy's bike. He got in trouble from his dad and Amelie didn't say anything. I asked why she didn't say anything. She was afraid that the dad would get mad at her. So for over a wk she has been carrying this with her. We walked over yesterday and told the dad. Amelie didn't speak and hid behind me but she learned that we should do the right thing and if feels so good afterwards. It feels good that she came to me and it was bothering her after this long. We must be doing something right :)
I bought some books at my homeschooling meeting last night for the kids. They don't know this yet. I am going to break them out soon. They love getting new books. Me too!

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Dana said...

YAY! i'm glad you took her over, and that she went. good for you both!