Friday, July 11, 2008


Well Roo had her appt. We were worried about the vax issue considering we heard the ped was very pro vax and forceful about it. She had no problem with us naturally vaccinating which was a relief. We weren't there for that reason and it was refreshing to only talk about the subject at hand.
On to more important issues. We had a choice between a head x-ray and MRI or a CT scan. We chose the x-ray and MRI because of the amount of radiation with a CT scan. Her head x-ray results should be in any day now. Her MRI will be booked within the next month or so. The ped thinks her head is probably right on schedule but because of her slow weight gain it may seem larger. We'll see.
We have her on a special diet. The ped suggested putting butter in all of her food as well as cream. I don't want that junk in my baby. So we are giving her cream but using olive oil and flax seed meal in her food. She will be eating a lot of chick peas and avocado. To be honest I don't think this will help. She has gained 6.5lbs even though she has been eating normally. We went for blood work for her and we will get results for that as well soon.
*funny story*
When we went for blood work the lab technician didn't even want me to be by her head. She said to stand at the end and hold her legs down. She obviously doesn't know this mama bear! Just before she got the needle I jumped up on the table and laid down next to her and stroked her head. The lab technician was surprised needless to say. Haha! I told her to just be happy I didn't pop my boob in her mouth. Take that!!

I went to my first midwife appt on Tues. Everything is going fine. I really liked how they gave me choices. Every pregnant mother should be given choices on her own care. I feel I have more control over my pregnancy and birth (as it should be) We are going for a hospital birth but are hoping for a more natural approach.

Today Ricky took out the abacus and was counting and adding on her own. It is so good to see her loving it. She realized pretty quickly that there were ten beats on every line. She surprises me with the things she knows that were not actually taught.

Cohen has his follow up appt with his speech therapist. He has made excellent progress. I think we need a few more tools to get him to string sentences together.

One thing lately that I have noticed is the compassion my children have. If I get upset with one of them the others are very quick to comfort them. They run up and rub their backs and tell them it is ok. It warms my heart to see. It shows me that they have learned from Ron and I how to be compassionate. I am proud to be their mom.


Anonymous said...

so what in the world is naturally vaccinating?

Neely said...

uh this a family member trying to get info?? lol
It is called nosodes. It is given orally once a wk. There are no risks like there are with normal vaccinations but they have been confirmed that they work. Google nosodes or natural vaccinations and you will see info on them.
It was a hard decision but we felt we could get the best of both worlds this way.

Danielle said...

How much do the nosodes run you weekly and how long do you give them for? I guess I could exercise my search engine for this. We chose to delay vaccinations with my daughter and now I've just quit all together because she gets so sick. I'm pregnant now and am not sure how I should hangle things with the new baby.